2018 Competitions

Yak Comps

What are the Yak Competitions?
These are painting and modelling competitions related to tabletop wargaming. The subject of the competitions vary greatly to try and keep each one unique and give the entrants a chance to be creative.
Who can enter?
Anyone! Unless noted otherwise, we don't limit to any specific members or countries. On occasion there may be a sponsered competition with prizes from a company that may have restrictions on countries legally able to claim them.
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23Here Kitty Kitty

VotingStarted Mar 10th, 2018

Make a Pet for your gang! No minimum or Maximum base size! If you want to make a Master or Handler as well then go for it, but we're not really looking for the "Beastmaster" style model, instead an actual Pet or member of your Gang / Warband / Mob. Also, feel free to come up with your own ideas, you don't need to copy what FW are doing.

1st Place
Lurgtoad and Gungee the Handler by Blochunx
2nd Place
Sump Stag and handlers by Ned Noodle
3rd Place
Cancerslug by Sethmerlin666

22Bad Boys, Bad Boys

VotingStarted Jan 4th, 2018

Whatcha gonna do? It's villain competition time! Take one of your most nefarious evildoers and throw him into the Hive for some Necromunda treatment!

1st Place
Mad Mork Fury Road by Kommissar Shriken
2nd Place
Jareth from Labyrinth by Stoof
3rd Place
Commissar Bison and Guile by KungFuPanda