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Outlanders is the first and only expansion to Necromunda, set in the wastelands below the Hive where only the toughest survive. These outlaw gangs, hunted and persecuted by authorities and house gangs alike, meek out an existence in the most dangerous parts of the Hive.

In addition to new gang types, there are supporting outlaw scenarios, trading post and various hired guns and special characters.

Tags persistence 28mm campaign skirmish terrain scifi
Publisher Games Workshop
Released 1997
Requires Necromunda
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Detailed Description

The Outlanders expansion to Necromunda contains new outlaw gang types which operate outside of the regular gang wars and thus have their own methods of survival and obtaining new equipment.

The Ratskins, a normally peaceful tribal people suited to the dangers of the Underhive, sometimes become savage warriors when their families are murdered and settlements destroyed. These Ratskin Renegades, though primitive in weaponry, are a resilient and tough gang seeking vengeance.

Living in the sump below the Hive means exposure to many toxic hazards, eventually producing mutations, and thus are born the Scavvies. These horribly deformed groups of cannibals raid settlements and caravans in the Hive for loot and food.... other humans. Returning to their camps with their prey, they are cooked and fed to the gang.

The fanaticism towards the Emperor often is taken to extremes, and The Redemption is the embodiment of the fanatic. The sinners of the Hive must burn in the fire of the Emperor so the Redemptionists roam the Underhive on their Crusade purging all who do not convert to the true faith. Due to their extreme actions, they are considered outlaws by the Guilds.

The ruling families of the Noble Houses, in their rich splendor above the Hive, will often have their offspring cast down into the Underhive to prove themselves worthy of ruling such vastness. Usually in a small team, these Spyrers are provided elite hunting gear in the form of power armor and weapons which makes them deadly foes.

The Outlanders contain additional rules for new hired guns including Deviant Scum willing to join any gang willing to pay them. Pit Slaves from the gladiator arenas sometimes are hired out by their masters for coin, wielding various body replacements like drills, buzzsaws and huge hammers. Lastly, sometimes those with inherit psionic powers who haven't gone mad or succumbed to the warp will hire our their services, including beast masters and pyromaniacs.

Included are scenarios and trading posts available solely for Outlaw gangs as well as treacherous conditions that can affect the dilapidated highly dangerous parts of the Hive.

In The Box

  • Outlanders Rulebook
  • 2 card buildings
  • 12 plastic bulkheads
  • Game counters
  • A card walkway
  • 5 card barricades

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