Player Meet

Player Meet

Want to battle with players in your area? Welcome to Player Meet!

How does it work?

Once you're registered on YakTribe and have set your location, you can use the Game Browser to find supported games, mark your Favorites and start searching for other players. And make sure to mark each game with your Player Meet preferences, indicating whether you own a copy of the game, you're looking for friends and looking for anyone to battle with.

You can also find your local popular tabletop gaming Locations, add them to your Favorites then add them to your meet request.

Example from game page

New games and locations?

That's where you come in! If you want to have a game or location added to YakTribe Gaming to use the Player Meet, just contact YakTribe with the details and we'll get it done! There will also be dedicated request submission forms added soon to make the process easier.


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