Kill Team Player Meet

Kill Team Player Meet

Want to play Kill Team and looking for players in your area? Welcome to Player Meet!

Player Meet Instructions
  1. Enter a title for your meet-up
    eg. Kill Team new campaign
  2. Select a suggested date (optional)
  3. Choose a location from your favoritesi, find a location nearby or manually enter
  4. Add players from your friends enemies listii
  5. Add players in your area that are also looking to play Kill Teamiii
  • i. Find and favorite locations near you
  • ii. Find and friend in the community forums
  • iii. Only players flagged as looking to play Kill Team or all games with anyone will appear

NOTE: The Player Meet functions are not fully functional at this time. The interface below gives a preview to how the Meet functions will work and actual players around you looking to game. Watch this space for updates, the full experience coming soon!


  • Nearby Locations
  • To view nearby locations, login or register and specify your location.

  • The Battleground
  • Find and favorite your local hangouts or request a new one added for your area. These commonly include local gaming stores with tables for wargaming use.


  • Local Players
  • Looking for local Kill Team players for some battles? Simply login or register and specify your location.

  • The Hunted
  • As a member of the 'Tribe you can find local Kill Team players to add to The Hunted and create your local meet n'fight!