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Campaign Q&A
How many gangs can be in a campaign?
There are no limits to how many gangs can be in a campaign.
How do I add my friends gangs?
Select your campaign (or create one first) and click on under the Friends Gangs list.
What if they're not a registered friend?
Search for their gang name under Gang Search when editing the campaign.
What if I don't know their gang names?
You can look up their profile on the forums then select their Yak Tools tab which will list their Necromunda gangs and other Yak tools content. While you're there, request to add them as a friend!!
What about my custom gangs, equipment, skills etc?
Any custom entries you've made in the Necromunda Tools will be avaiable to all gangs in the campaign automatically.
Am I allowed to edit other players gangs in my campaign?
As a campaign admin, you have full access to edit any gangs in the campaign.
Can I have more campaign admins?
Yes, you can assign any other user in your campaign as an admin as well.
Can I track what the other gang owners are doing in their gangs?
Yes! All gangs and gangers have an action history. Any admins in the campaign can view the history of all the gangs.
How do I remove a gang from my campaign?
If you're a campaign admin you can click on the gang from the Campaign Gangs panel then Edit the gang details, selecting None for their campaign.