Cawdor and Gang War 4 details from ForgeWorld

Jul 19th, 2018 by Dave Knife

The next release for Necromunda: Underhive in the form of the Gang War 4 book has had some details revealed during the ForgeWorld event. With the next book of course comes the next gang to be released, the enigmatic Cawdor, one of the original 6 house gangs of Necromunda. As each of the house gangs are released, we are always very excited to see the updated style Games Workshop apply to the gang and what possibly new direction they take.

The original Cawdor were closely aligned with the Redemption, a fanatical cult sworn to purge the world of sinners in the fire of the Emperor. So there was always a cult theme with the gang, with masks and robe-like clothing. The new models seem to have followed this same theme with some interesting ragged styling to the arm and leg coverings, the addition of a rope noose to all the models and candles synonymous with cults and ceremonies.

Cawdor Gang

The leader model in particular has some highly detailed features on the head covering and the large ornate polearm weapon. You'll notice also that several of the models have new weapon types, seemingly a duct-taped polearm+gun. These could be a new combi-type weapon combining melee and ranged rather than just ranged weapons. It's certainly a unique ragged look.

In addition to the Cawdor gang, there are some additional rules being included with Gang War 4:

  • Domination Campaigns
  • New scenarios
  • Revised skirmish rules
  • Hired guns and special characters
  • Bionics

The Domination Campaign system sounds particularly interesting with the campaign divided into 3 stages and played similarly to some player-created map-based campaigns where territories are assigned to parts of the map, limited to those only and claimed by gangs through scenarios. The gangs fight out for territory in stage 1 then proceed to a downtime in stage 2, similar to a turf war downtime. The final stage consists of gangs attacking their opponents territory, surrender territories, allow tolls to cross and other gang specific rules depending on the special territory type.

Of the new scenarios, we know details of one which involves two gangs fighting it out and when a fighter goes down, it's possible that fighter was a 'killer cyborg', ala Terminator infiltration? The cyborg then goes on a killing rampage with its own set of rules. I wonder what happens to the original fighter? I hope they're knocked out somewhere for the duration of the battle!

There is currently no known release date for Gang War 4 but all info points to August sometime. Click the Discuss link below for the lengthy community discussion to keep up with new details. In particular this post by YakTribe member @Petitioner's City.