London Grand Tournament and YakTribe Presents Necromunda

Nov 1st, 2017 by Dave Knife

Necromunda: Underhive hits the Tournaments!

It is time to take a trip into the corroded underbelly of the hive. These monolithic towers sit upon rotten foundations, abandoned by all but the most desperate and foolhardy. Rival gangs, Arbites, Guild control and the very nature of Necromunda threaten to thwart your ambition at every turn. But only in the depths are riches, fame and spire ascension there to be taken, and only by the cunning, brave few who are brutal enough to seize it. The London Necromunda GT is a 2 day 7 game event where you will battle for Underhive control brought to you by the community, in partnership with the LGT.

Necromunda Underhive

We're highly honored to have partnered with the London Grand Tournament to organize and arbitrate the 2018 Necromunda Events! WIth decades of experience playing Necromunda, our community and staff here are very excited to provide a fun and challenging weekend for the participants. Of course with the new Necromunda: Underhive rolling out the door very soon, it's even more thrilling with completely new rules to create some unique experiences.

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