LGT Necromunda 2018 Tournament Results

May 23rd, 2018 by Dave Knife
Landon Town ScriptNet Report

Dome 3/b has been discovered!

That's right hive scum, the search for the fabled dome is over and the riches have been claimed. Did the caravan roll back into town with a Van Saar or Orlock gang brandishing their hoard? A Goliath from the Forge Brothers gloating over some sump ale in the tavern? None of that is happening because the local gangs were defeated by a Cult of Chaos! That's right, call the Inquisition because the taint of the warp is upon us and some ex-locals calling themselves the Helot's Front of Palatine have secured themselves in Dome 3/b.

Over the weekend of May 18th the first Necromunda event with the London Grand Tournament (LGT) was held. Arbitrated and managed on the days of the event by our own Tristan Hayward (@spafe), and presented by YakTribe, this marked our first Necromunda event outside of our community TribeMeet events. We were honored to be able to represent our beloved game at the tournament and create a fun and rewarding event for the participants.

In addition to some fantastic scenery provided by local YakTribe members, we had the awesome folks over at Wargames Tournaments provide some incredible terrain, providing both the perfect hive battle experience and some incredible visuals that pleased both participants and many players from other events. In addition, the awesome were game mats supplied by Matous at GameMat, who also participated in the tournament as a player.

The gangs themselves were a wide variety of old and new Games Workshop official models in addition to some thematic alternative models. Painting was top-notch with the Escher gang Sand Snakes winning first prize and Delaque gang Hive Bureau getting 2nd place in the Best Painted Gang competition.

Check out all the awesome terrain, gangs and action in the LGT Necromunda Gallery.

The Results

Results of the first 5 games, which determined who would enter the semi-finals.

The Gangs W-L-T
The Slumtown Scrappers Orlock 3-0-1
Brotherhood of Doom Chaos Cult 3-1-1
Tech Support Van Saar 3-1-1
The Helots Front of Palatine Chaos Cult 3-1-0
Hazmat Goliath 2-2-1
Hive Quake Wierdos Orlock 1-2-1
Hive Bureau of Investigation Delaque 1-3-1
The Forge Brothers Goliath 0-3-1
Sand Snakes Escher 0-3-1

Played on 2D boards, the gangs fought furiously to win their spot in the finals.

The Helot's Front of Palatine vs Tech Support - The Chaos Cult wins! The Helot's move into the finals.

Hazmats vs Brotherhood of Doom - Chaos is routed but are too strong with Tournament Points and make it through.


In an intense fight between the forces of Chaos, the Helot's Front of Palatine are victorious! Congratulations to @Scavvierising on winning the first LGT Necromunda tournament presented by!

Congratulations to all participants and winners of the prizes. We look forward to our next events in Scotland and southern England, and of course returning to the London Grand Tournament in 2019 with an even bigger narrative tournament, additional side events and lots more prizes.

A big thank you to Tristan for managing the event by himself! Things happen and additional staff could not make it unfortunately but he managed to pull-off a great first-time event for the participants.


Dave Knife