Miniwargaming Necromunda Skirmish Campaign Part 1

Mar 5th, 2020 by Dave

Miniwargaming is at it again with another Necromunda campaign, but this time it's a special narrative version! And as YakTribe is a great source of Necromunda info, community and the gang management tools, they've also sponsored us to let you know all about it.

Join Matthew and Vito in this brand new narrative campaign where Vito must take his band of misfits and survive the Necromunda underhive.

See Episode 1 here free, and join the Miniwargaming Vault to enjoy the rest of the series (7 day trial available)

For those not familiar with the concept, a narrative campaign takes the game system and the world setting into more of a pen n' paper RPG-style where you are a small group interacting with NPCs and performing missions. As someone who has run this type of campaign before, they can be a real challenge to use the existing rules, require some adjustment to make them work but is a very rewarding experience for players. With the additional stats in Underhive compared to original Necromunda and a lot of varied equipment, there are a great opportunities for exciting adventures in the depths of the hive.

So check out the adventures of Crossbones, Hit and Nappa in the hive! Episode 1 and 2 out now.