Necromunda: Underhive tournament at the LGT 2019

Jul 5th, 2019 by Dave

Last year, presented Necromunda: Underhive at the 2018 LGT Presents tournament. We managed to get some great sponsors and scenery, like Wargames Tournaments and all the participants enjoyed themselves immensely. The battles were fierce and the winners reveled in their victories but fun was had for all, including a mass brawl towards the end for those players not participating in the finals.

This year, Alex with the Angelcast Podcast is leading the charge with an all new tournament format including some narrative elements and some interesting persistence mechanics that provides some of the danger of the hive and losing access to your gangers whilst giving opportunities to counter those dangers.

Will your gang survive The Ballads of Angels Canopy? Find out September 14th to 15th, 2019 and book now for your spot!

Over the course of the weekend, players will battle it out over 6 games of Necromunda Underhive on both sector mechanicus and zone mortals tables with a set narrative theme for each mission. Gangs will be fixed using the skirmish rules from the 2018 compendium rules but players will get to accrue new equipment, abilities and even some hangers on as they fight in the pitch black, raid enemy territory and even heist a casino vault!

Check out the LGT Presents website for more information on the Necromunda: Underhive tournament for 2019. Be sure to download the packet and contact us for any more information.