The Callowdecks of Mercy Campaign

The Callowdecks of Mercy Campaign

The void-hive of Mercy has been struck by a station-quake that rent it nearly limb from limb Such a station-quake is unheard of in Mercys history and although its inhabitants may never know the truth rumours abound of powerful witches and the forces of darkness Its cause is of little concern to the gangs that rule the underdecks however not nearly as much as what the cataclysm left behind

As the dust settled and the populous decks were repressurised scouts and reclaimators began reporting miraculous things entirely new zones of Mercy had opened up where previously there had been one and those decks that were too dangerous were now flushed of toxins and radiation These zones were dubbed by Mercys authorities for their virgin and bloodless nature as the Callowdecks

Territory for gangs on Mercy is brutally defended and bitterly won Swathes of unclaimed turf is a precious prize indeed but your gang will not be the only one looking to claim its riches

The Callowdecks of Mercy is a 6-week Necromunda campaign starting on 1st August 2018 to test out the Necromunda system and experiment with gangs Full details and links will be in the pinned post

The campaign Arbitrator is Rob

Players will be encouraged to build their own gangs for the campaign but we also have a number of spare gangs for those wishing to pick up and play