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    Cawdor ganger
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    Cawdor gang
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    N18 Redemptionist Gang with things I have

    My plans for bits laying around if I can find motivation and time to finish my standart Cawdor and Orlocks Redemption For You (and you alone) Mostly rule of cool... Might even switch Priest's evis-creator with twin chain axes with exterminators... Will be using flagellant bodies for most of the...
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    N18 Bomb Delivery Rats and XP

    Hi all, Sorry if this question has been answered or seems obvious: So one of my Cawdor releases a bomb delivery rat and it takes 2 or 3 rounds to find a target. When the rat blows up, it takes out an enemy fighter, but turns after it was release. Does it still grant the Cawdor fighter XP for...
  7. B

    N18 Dream Gang - kindergarten

    So it was time to create my dream Necromunda gang! And here I would like to ask this wonderful community for advice how to build them. The gang's theme is an orphanage run by an outcast adepta sororitas who abandoned the order to help orphans from underhive As my leader, I plan to use this...
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    N18 Making tactics card decks for core Gangs + enforcers

    I'm trying to be the entry point for anyone who wishes to play Necromunda in my area. And it's also kind of a personal pet project/dream of mine to have. So I bought all 6 gangs and there special units boxes, along with a healthy amount of enforcers (1-Escher, 2-Orlock, 3-Van saar, 4-Cawdor...
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    Peekus Pious, Ragmen Word Keeper
  10. ShemStinktongue.jpg


    Shem Stinktongue, Wielder of the Sacred Rifle, Ragmen Firebrand
  11. ToughMitchell.jpg


    Tough Mitchell, Ragmen Bretheren
  12. OGRagmen.jpg


    The original Ragmen gang members.
  13. Cawdor


    some champions for my gang
  14. Jedediah


    Word Keeper
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    Righteous Anglers Banner.png

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    Righteous Anglers.png

    Righteous Anglers Symbol
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