1. Cawdor


    Finished Cawdor gang for NCE
  2. February FYSC part 1

    February FYSC part 1

  3. Cawdor Leader WIP

    Cawdor Leader WIP

  4. Eallair


    Cawdor ganger with reclaimed autogun and incendiary charge
  5. Sjuuu

    Preparing for the Tribemeat 2020

    Hello all, This will be my first Tribemeat and gotta brush up on my playing skills! For now I will share my current progress on the boat/hydrofoil I am planning plus my WIP of my Cawdor gang. Gotta find a solution for the lower part connection as the foil itself got in the way. And in...
  6. russ cawdor mem

    russ cawdor mem

    russ cawdor mem
  7. russian cawdor mem

    russian cawdor mem

    russian cawdor mem
  8. 2 men and a boat

    2 men and a boat

    Januarys dent into finishing my gangs
  9. sumpthing

    N18 The Hallowed cawdor gang progress

    Morning yakkers, I've had my first two games with my fresh cawdor gang and thought I'd share some learnings... i started with: Leader - Thorne - mesh armour, stub pistol and 2 handed hammer Champ - Ygorr - mesh armour, heavy stubber Ganger - Edgurr - mesh armour, reclaimed autgun Ganger -...
  10. Cruim


    Ganger with Polearm-autogun
  11. Ailbeart


    Cawdor Ganger with Autogun
  12. Z

    N18 New Cawdor player, looking for help!

    Hey everyone! A friend of mine recently has started playing Necromunda (first game last week) and has talked me into buying in. I come from a scattering of other wargames, but am a little overwhelmed by the options and loadouts that I can run in Necromunda, and how to properly equip my crew...
  13. Cawdor


    Ready to ambush some heretics
  14. Escher vs Cawdor

    Escher vs Cawdor

    Poison vs fire
  15. cawdorflag.png


  16. Scattered projects from a scatterbrain

    Scattered projects from a scatterbrain

    Wip's: Cawdor ganger, Ratskin Totem Warrior, Hive Guys joint
  17. N

    N18 Thoughts on Cawdor Stig-Shambler?

    Is the Cawdor Stig-Shambler any good? Would love to hear some thoughts on how to use it effectively It can move and shoot at -1 to hit. It runs 290pts with Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber and Flak Armour. The stubber is great at Rapid Fire (3) S4 AP-1 D2 (re-rolling ammo dice) but even though it puts...
  18. Leander


    Cawdor with a shotgun - This is my boomstick!
  19. Magister Donatellus

    Magister Donatellus

  20. Blazing Brothers

    Blazing Brothers