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Necromunda Necromunda Enforcers - NCE Development Version 0.2

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Found this and given it a read, hoping to give it a play test when I get the minis together for them

I've had a read of the suppression shield though, it gives a 5+ armour save whilst their carapace armour gives them a 4+?(if I remember correctly)

Without having playtested it or combed through the rules at all just yet would it not be better to have it be a 6+ special save perhaps?
Just thinking anything that rips through carapace armour would also eat the suppression shield unless I'm missing something?
I think its meant to combine... for a 2+ sv
nah, its assumed knowledge because thats how they worked before. I agree, it should be stated in the shield entry... @Tiny
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Yeah, it is meant to combine for a 2+ save. Forgot there was nothing in NCE that discussed shields. All other games of the era combined shields with armour. I'm also open to changing to a 5+ invulnerable save from the front arc if the 2+ is considered OP. Would definitely give folks a reason to take higher AP weapons though.
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