Yak Comps

What are the Yak Competitions?
These are painting and modelling competitions related to tabletop wargaming. The subject of the competitions vary greatly to try and keep each one unique and give the entrants a chance to be creative.
Who can enter?
Anyone! Unless noted otherwise, we don't limit to any specific members or countries. On occasion there may be a sponsered competition with prizes from a company that may have restrictions on countries legally able to claim them.
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23Here Kitty Kitty

VotingStarted Mar 10th, 2018

Make a Pet for your gang! No minimum or Maximum base size! If you want to make a Master or Handler as well then go for it, but we're not really looking for the "Beastmaster" style model, instead an actual Pet or member of your Gang / Warband / Mob. Also, feel free to come up with your own ideas, you don't need to copy what FW are doing.

1st Place
Lurgtoad and Gungee the Handler by Blochunx
2nd Place
Sump Stag and handlers by Ned Noodle
3rd Place
Cancerslug by Sethmerlin666

22Bad Boys, Bad Boys

VotingStarted Jan 4th, 2018

Whatcha gonna do? It's villain competition time! Take one of your most nefarious evildoers and throw him into the Hive for some Necromunda treatment!

1st Place
Mad Mork Fury Road by Kommissar Shriken
2nd Place
Jareth from Labyrinth by Stoof
3rd Place
Commissar Bison and Guile by KungFuPanda

21Mad Robot vs Yakromunda

ClosedEnded Dec 1st, 2017

The Cool guys over at Mad Robot got onto us a while ago about making something special for the community - to not only celebrate the launch of the New Yakromunda Web Site, but also the re-release of the New Necromunda! Create a bit of Scatter terrain - suitable cover for a few minis to hide behind. Mad Robot will then be cast it up and it will sold as a bit of terrain on the MR website!

1st Place
Chem Control Console by Xavier Bacon
2nd Place
Sector P155 Hive Guys Urinal by Blochunx
3rd Place
Utility Terminal by Azzabat

20Old Skool Style

ClosedEnded Jul 30th, 2017

This one is going to be different. We want you to make a scene or narrative using your minis and scenery that tells an awesome story...that's picture.

1st Place
Sand Pit by Kommissar Shriken
2nd Place
Gretchin's Ambush by dabbk
3rd Place
Pillaging of the Fungi by Dan Ayling

19Bits Box Challenge

ClosedEnded May 31st, 2017

Make something from ONLY using the old or spare parts that are languishing in your bits box.

1st Place
Hive Guys by Llewy
2nd Place
Khraplidun by djmothra
3rd Place
The Doctor Will See You Now by Xavier Bacon

18Wyrd Wyrd World

ClosedEnded Mar 31st, 2017

Create a beast master and critters. New beast masters could be anything Pyro, Telepath, telekinetic, Necromonger, Ratskin Shaman, Psyker, Cultist Demongogue etc etc the limit is your imagination but it must be "Wyrd"!

1st Place
Professor and Crab Bots by Ned Noodle
2nd Place
Despicable in the Hive by Kommissar Shriken
3rd Place
Mousling Bee Keeper by djmothra

17Never judge a .... by it's cover

ClosedEnded Jan 4th, 2017

Recreate an Album or Book cover - but obviously 'update' it to fit with our Necromunda, Gorkamorka or Mordheim themes. This can be a bit of Scenery, a Vehicle, a mini or a mixture of all three.

16Pop Culture

ClosedEnded Nov 1st, 2016

Make something / Paint Something that is based or themed on Pop Culture!
It could be a Movie, a Comic, a TV Show, a Band, a Book etc basically any real life entertainment serves as the theme for this one.

15The BFG

ClosedEnded Sep 3rd, 2016

From Roald Dahls famous book to one of the first FPS ever - everyone loves BFGs (That's Big "Freaking" Guns or Giants ) - Well, here's your chance to show the rest of the world that your weapon is the biggest!

14Neglected Youth

ClosedEnded Jul 6th, 2016

Juves are often neglected, or at least low priority, when painting and modelling gangs and warbands. They are the test pieces to see if a paint scheme will work, and often have the least attention paid to them when it comes to details and finishing touches. We all know what happens when youths are neglected, they become the Young and the Restless, and it is rare to hear the word "delinquent" without the prefix "Juvenile"