Rags to riches: the road from Sogg Bottom to Slick City

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RIP The Duke (who apparently is just pretending to be dead @The Duke). More to follow soon.


The Duke, had on many occasions been known to fake his own death to avoid the following:

A. Gambling debts
B. Guilder "attention"
C. Unwanted marriage proposals.
D. Syphillus
E. Death

There are even rumours floating around S0gg-bottom that The Duke paid Madchen-off and arranged the whole thing so that he could dissapear for a while.

Have no fear folks "The Duke" has been dead before (and probably will be again!) but he will return...

(Edit. Please note that The Duke has never actually managed to avoid syphillus by faking his own death, he has however managed to cheat death several times in the past by, well; faking his own death)
Whoah whoah whaoh, The duke might have died and all we're talking about is The Duke... ie @The Duke 's real life escapades... c'mon man, we dont need to know about your friday night, we need to know how the duke is faring :p
Out in the badlands things got pretty hazy for Flynn for a while. It was interesting how his already low - downright underhive - appreciation for what could be considered food was able to readjust itself to new settings. Recently he was trying to look on the bright side: he'd got good at catching the mutie dragonflies that sometimes found themselves snared up in the 'Prodigal 29C' system of vents. Some of them were as long as his arm. The wings weren't good for much, but a good catch could feed them for a couple of days give or take. And the vents themselves weren't too bad, he was beginning to see it as a kind of home-away-from-home until things got back to normal again. The mushroom homebrew that Madchen made sometimes was damn good and did a good job of taking the edge off things, at least until the next day when usually all hell broke loose in his bowels - there might be a market for that if they could get back the right side of the wall. And, while he was counting blessings, if it hadn't been for 'Lucky' Ben spotting that poster in the Ash Clamp, things woulda been a whole lot worse for them. It was just the heads up they needed, even if Madchen did get in a bit of a fret about how low their price was. Nevertheless, there was one thing Flynn just couldn't shake from his mind, he kept dreaming about it, he could almost taste the salt on his lips, even seeing the colour red next to white made him think about it: Damnit! he could just kill for a Grox burger right about now!

These last two games I promised you have slipped far from my mind in much the same way that Flynn's consciousness is drifting in and out while he's stuck in those vents, nevertheless will see if some of the photos the Duke took can trigger my memory.

Game 2 - Loot and Pillage

Well the death of the Duke really scuppered my underdog plans. The dastardly delaques - The S.0.GG-Bottom Boys - got to roll on the scenario table and hit back quick with a Loot and Pillage. The Orlock boys were up against the wall guarding their patch of nothing, lamenting the fact that without a single ganger in the gang to work the opposition's territory, winning the last Raid had not been particularly profitable...


I was a bit worried cos a nasty loss at Loot and Pillage would just about finish Work Team 8 off - would certainly wipe out my stash at least. Luckily for me the Duke makes up for his ridiculous talent at painting miniatures by having dreadful luck when it comes to rolling dice. It seems that the snaky spirit of delaque had been angered by his recent forays playing the barbarian pitslaves and repaid him with a fitting snake eyes when it came to rolling up how many men were gonna go on the pillaging mission. Either that or the rest of the squad were still too cut up over the death of the Duke to get their act together to go anywhere.


Well, the game proved to be a quick one. I had craftily left my star player off the board as a reinforcement. We rolled off for first turn, I won, and in this scenario was able to bring Madchen on straight away.

Here is where the delaques were:


Here's where Madchen was able to enter with full view of the snake boys perched up high above:


Once again it was all over in a hail of heavy bolter fire. Two games and, thru no real fault of his own - save perhaps a bit of brash deployment - the Duke had not yet had a movement phase. We reset the terrain.

Game 3 - Gang Fight

This game was one of the most tense and careful games of necromunda I can remember for a while. At first, everything was quiet:


Occasionally you could just hear a rustle of wind as a light foot delaque slipped by:


We both had vents territory and the Duke, positioning his fighters at the end of his first turn, did a very skillful job of leaving me with just one place that I could then put my vents fighter - just Madchen - at the end of my first turn. This dictated the shape of the game, my tiny force (Flynn didn't turn up cos of an old battle wound) holding a tall building as the Duke's men crept across the field using all manner of skill to avoid ever being caught by the glare of the heavy bolter.


Sooner or later I did manage to down one of the S.0.GG-Bottom Boys but by now they were closing in fast and the tower was soon to be swamped. Thin Jim, my juve, went down I think, and although I was in a position where I could've taken a couple more of the S.0.GG-Bottom Boys with me, it would've been at the cost of allowing a clear shot, or many clear shots, at Madchen who was positioned precariously close to a long drop. The day was getting on and I chose to voluntarily bottle rather than risk injury to the only member of Work Team 8 who has any chance of helping them claw their way back out of the sump. Madchen, 'Lucky' Ben and Thin Jim, deciding discretion the better part of valour, slipped off into the dark:


A first for us: zero out of actions prompting Malo's bots to pass their verdict:

Screenshot 2017-06-02 at 14.57.26.png

However I'm sure "Trigger Fingers" Tybalt, Malcom Rawhide, "Payload" Pags and all the rest might have a very different story of how that day went down.

Next up am hoping to show how Work Team 8 are shaping up on paper after this five game spree. No longer bottom of the campaign, I believe their rise has begun! Rags to Riches will be a truely prophetic name if I can pull this turn around off :) Thanks for reading!
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Great to see these games get their write up! and thats the spirit, stay positive in the face of overwhelming destruciton :p
Back in December when this thread was started @spafe gave us the dictate:

I think you get all the players to take pics of the gangs, then write an short piece about the gang, gives every one something to compare, and lots of different views/takes on events

And now it's time to have a shot at following thru in the hope that it'll persuade @Ptrix, @The Duke and @fergyo to follow suit. As I've still got the Duke's lightbox on loan I've taken a few photos of the current line up for Work Team 8. I feel like I've bitched about their bad fortune all over yak tribe so I don't want to bore you further, but here's the story in a nutshell they tell down the Only OK Saloon.


"Those boys were cursed I reckon. I don't mean cursed like 'Wyrd' Al had said some mumbo jumbo shit behind their backs and they all started losing at cards of a sudden. I mean proper cursed. Rat God cursed. Don't nobody know where they are now. Somewhere out beyond the wall probly, Madchen and whatever other's are still alive - and with that bounty on their heads, and ever growing, that there's no hope they'll ever be able to pay it off. But it wasn't always like that. No, let me tell you, it might be hard to believe but they were law abiding once - whatever that means in a dank stinking place like the S.0.GG. A work team of miners on the Delta seam. But the Crazies - I think you've heard about them, nasty Escher girls, bloody fast on the catwalks though - kicked off their bad luck when they brought down a chunk of the Delta mine on their heads, entombing the poor buggers what shoulda been for good. It took four or five days they say and only the Emperor knows how they did it, but their foreman Jared Diamond got them out by burning his way, inch by painful inch, with a meltagun. Needless to say, when they got back in the polluted, recompressed air there was no way they were going back down the mine.

Well they were tough fellas, none of them spoke too much but you knew if you hired them they'd get the job done. Once they'd turned freelance, Jared and the boys started to build up quite a little empire, but it didn't stick, bit like everything round here, nothing sticks for long. The meltagun, that's the funny thing about it, the same gun that'd got them out - irony I think you'd call it - exploded. Coulda been tampered with they said, and it woulda been fine except Jared Diamond was holding it at the time. He was there one minute and the next just gone, the hive dust barely disturbed. And then they were just in free fall. The other gangs picked on them like baby ripper jacks going in for a kill when the pray's half dead, and it wasn't long before three or four more of them had gone the same way as Jared..."

I've been refusing to give up on these guys, and since going outlaw have managed to claw back enough creds, mostly from underdog bonuses, to get some new juves in. Here's the current roster:

Work Team Eight

OrlockRating 1313Credits 9



'Lucky' Ben Niatoe - Leader

[/td][td]Crack Shot
Quick Witted
[/td][td]Hand Injury (Left)
Survival Against The Odds
Chest Wound
Madchen - Heavy

Heavy Bolter
[/td][td]Bitter Emnity
Arm Wound (Left)
Leg Wound (Left)
Arm Wound (Left)
Chest Wound
Flynn - Heavy

[/td][td]Old Battle Wound
Old Battle Wound
Thin Jim - Juve

Smoke Bomb
Dold GG - Juve

Gummy Rose - Juve

Bolt Pistol

The gang was always a small one, originally I tried it as an experiment in coming to the battle well equipped: a heavy bolter, grenade launcher and melta gun in the starting line up. However that was all fine until the death toll started, having not enough gangers to work territories and the real kicker was losing first my workshop and then my archeotech hoard, leaving me with not enough creds to buy a grox burger from the local Hive Guys at the end of each game.

Anyway, past is past and having hit the absolute bottom - down to three members, outlawed, and with nothing in the stash - the future is inevitably brighter from here on in.

I don't have a miniatures thread (this and the Wiseman Industries terrain one being more than enough to manage) so gonna leave a bunch more of these photos here:

Gummy Rose...


Thin Jim...


The infamous Madchen...


The current leader 'Lucky' Ben Niatoe...


Flynn (who's been a stalwart of the gang from the beginning)...


And finally another new recruit found suffering from dehydration beneath a leaking pipe in the Badzones; Dold GG...


This is ace @Llewy!!! (y)(y)(y)(y) - I'll look to fleshing-out the fluff for "Hive Sector S0GG" or more-colloquially "s0gg-bottom" (the correct spelling!!!!) and the slightly fancier and more gentrified (by Hive Primus Underhive standards at least!) "Slick-City" soon

@The Duke, While I was digging out that quote from spafe, couldn't help but notice this old chestnut. Still genuinely excited to find a bit more out about our bit of the Underhive :)

These are great... at campaigns end you should compile something like a pdf Vault submission because the pics are very atmospheric and the writing has some awesome character to it all :)

Thank you @Blood Donor :) I'm keen to keep pushing these forward. It's so recent that we were playing on lumps of unpainted polystyrene with miniatures lucky if they'd even been undercoated in skull white but I'm looking forward so much to getting the terrain finished and playing some slow games where we take some really good photos.
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Very nice write up dude! You really are leading from the front in terms of write ups and catalogueing this adventure (hint hint hint, guys! :p).

also really nice models, great use of the lightbox!
Okay folks, after some moderate peer-pressure and a good pair of games under our belts this weekend (myself and @Ptrix having scheduled this past Saturday for the long-awaited rescue of the Catwalk Crazies Sally One Eye)

Here is my attempt at a succinct battle report (may the hive goddess have mercy on our souls…)


Defenders: King Khronus and the Brass Brotherhood (Pit Slaves)
Attackers: The Catwalk Crazies (Escher)


@Ptrix would be undertaking a bold rescue mission after having left “ol’ Sally” to languish at the hands of the Kinky King Khronus and his brazen brass brotherhood for far too long.

First-off, roll for old battle wounds; none to worry about (despite the Catwalk Crazies having a grand total of 7 x OBW amongst the gang!) The Crazies were not perturbed one bit by the prospect of venturing into the gloomy domain of the outlands and were all feeling in surprisingly fine fettle.

With the overwhelming difference in gang rating (The Crazies near the top of “The S0gg” and The Brotherhood closer to the “S0gg-bottom” if you will - which is just were they like it!) the pit slaves were brimming with confidence and hubris and rubbing their hands? (claws, shears, saws and drills) together at the possibility of a giant killer bonus!

They organized themselves into groups with the two deadly pit-fighter brothers Kaal & Baal having been tasked with guarding the captive with the assistance of the deranged Pyrex (pit-slave) whilst the rest of the gang were away presumably trawling the dome for cursed chaos archeotech, or perhaps just scavenging for oil and cogs!).




All three gangers having sprint skills, high toughness or multiple wounds would presumably allow them to survive the first hail of inevitable fire and respond to threats quickly once the alarm was (hopefully) raised, although on reflection and after a kindly reminder from @Ptrix (after I had deployed!) that it might have been better to use King Khronus himself with his ‘double fear’ and initiative 6 for spotting ranges etc…) nevermind...

ON WITH IT I SAY! (King Khronus’s voice = Brian Blessed)

@Ptrix rolled for his gang participants:

The ever-taciturn Persephone hand-picked her best gals for the mission selecting Celeste with her trusty “sun-gun” with the quick-witted and trigger-happy Lexy providing autogun ranged support and the Infamous bionic-legged Molly-Sue being perfect for the lightning-fast rescue-mission, finally the wise and matronly Persephone herself chose to oversee the whole operation herself, such is her devotion to the gals.

The board had been set-up prior, but we tweaked it a bit for the scenario and added a bunch of scatter in the form of some old lego technic miner wheels which when stacked to make great little detailed silo’s / furnaces / vats of toxic sludge etc… combined with ten-tonnes of lego tyres for some low-level cover (presumably this part of the hive was at some point a tyre / wheel factory supporting the demands of the expansion of the early imperium)



(oh yes, and the ever-present Pringles™ tube serving both as a subtle underhive advertising ploy, line of sight blocker and mid-game snackage)

The board was looking good to go.



The Pit-fighters positioned themselves close to the chained-up Sally-one-eye and began sentry duty whilst Perspehone and Celeste silently took-up positions atop the high tower ready to provide fire support once the hidden Molly Sue had sprung the captive as planned.


The quick-witted Lexy advanced up to cover behind a silo at ground level to provide covering fire for Molly Sue (should she need it).


TURN 2 & 3

After two turns of “sentry shenanigans” Persephone was ready and spotted her chance to unleash a hail of bolter fire at the unwitting Baal who had wondered into her gunsights for just long enough to make it worthwhile, it was time to spring the rescue and she signalled to the rest of the gang to “let-her-rip gals”.


Within a ‘Slick-City Second’ Molly Sue sprung into action and was able to reach the doped-up and bound Sally and deftly set to freeing her and slapping-her into consciousness after weeks of exposure to the pit-slaves scented candles, ambient techno and electronica (Enya CD’s) and lavender bath-salts!

The bolter fire pinned Kaal as he scrabbled for cover behind a nearby bulkhead and a burst of bright plasma-fire exploded near Baal and Pyrex pinning the pit-fighter and wounding Pyrex rendering the pit-slaves unable to respond with any alacrity whatsoever (just as Perspehone had planned…, “smooth as a servo-cherubs bottom”).

However the temperamental sun-gun had overheated and vented gas at the frustrated Celeste knocking her off the ledge to the level below as she was taken by surprise by the oven-like gas of her own weapon.

With the alarm raised It was then that The King arrived with his newly recruited Techno Cerberus (discovered wandering the wastes and muttering to himself) Khronus made his grande appearance announcing the recruitment of the Techno as “an end to all the tech-faults“ the pit-slaves had been having with their limbs, however no-one could hear his grande decree as he had arrived at the opposite end of the table! And with his “Khronik gout” (leg-wound) and the need to remain safely behind cover to avoid the bolter / autogun / plasma fire, The King already knew he would probably be too late to reach the impish Catwalk Crazies and vent his fury before they could make-good the escape with their rescued comrade.



Molly Sue and The freshly freed Sally began to make good their own escapes and headed for home turning to run towards where they had entered.


However, “it’s not over until the fat-guilder giggles” (as they say in S0gg-bottom) and just in the nick of time the embittered pit-slave Velcro arrived with the freshly recruited Blackrat (a new addition to the gang aiming to provide a bit of ‘healthy-stealth’ and much-needed additional ranged support, as well as the increased chance of more territory to loot after a win!)


Blackrat knew immediately what was expected of him as Velcro’s brow furrowed and he gestured towards the Escher’s in the distance running a finger across his throat to signal his intent. The ratskin scout levelled his ‘sacred laser-musket’ at the motion-blur of Molly-Sue sprinting on her blade-feet, his native instinct and the whispers of the hive spirits told him when to fire, he unleashed a salvo of laser-fire and brought the bionic-babe to the ground.


Spotting his sworn enemy Persephone in the distance Velcro sprinted full-speed in her direction and took-up a position behind a concealing bulkhead he took a deep breath and readied himself for vengeance.

Meanwhile the new pit-slave techno advanced-up and began to mutter at Pyrex who motioned for him to help with the steaming plasma burns on his legs, ignoring his new friend’s plight he glared at the bulkhead in front of him and head-butted it, realizing suddenly it was blocking his way to the enemy (what a strange guy?!)



Lexy left early with her Autogun shouldered, deciding her boss and the rest of the gals had things nicely sewn-up, and suddenly realizing that if she left now she could still get back home in time to catch the latest episode of Orange is the New Black!

Spotting the newly-arrived reinforcements and the danger they posed to the remaining Eschers making their escape, Celeste scaled the ladder beneath her and hunkered-down behind a pile of tyres, setting her sun-gun to low power (just in case!) she unleashed a torrent of plasma at the ratskin, when the plasma-cloud had cleared, the ratskin was no-where to be seen, (presumably) vaporized completely, however a wyrd chittering noise could be heard echoing through the hive gloom…, it gave her the shivers.

Taking a well-earned chance to catch one of the escher interlopers Kaal charged Celeste, taking the heavy by surprise he brought his hammer down across her skull and slid the thin-end of his shears between her ribs like he was shivving an inmate in the showers of an asteroid-belt penal-mine, however she was not the easy prey he though she was and despite landing two fatal blows that would have decimated a normal ganger, Celeste shrugged-off the pit fighters aggressive advances and countered by head-butting him in the chin with the back of her skull and smashing his armored crotch with the butt of her plasma gun, he winced, exhaled and stumbled back warily as she turned to face him, glancing to something moving quickly to his left Kaal was suddenly met by the steely glare of Persephone who had arrived behind him as they had been grappling.


Outnumbered (and arguably outmatched) the sadistic pit-fighter was looking down the barrel of Persephone’s laspistol, a lunatic smile spread across his face and he span on his feet pirouetting in a practiced move that had served him well in the pit-fights of his youth, but the Escher matriarch was wise to his tricks and squeezed the trigger aiming fast and low and catching Kaal with an instant spike of red-hot laser charge, the blast caught him right in the eye, his spin was interrupted and he clattered to the ground screaming in abject agony.



As if summoned by Kaal’s wailing, more pit-slave reinforcements arrived in the form of Rust-in-his-hair and his best friend Kevlar, both exhausted from a hard-day scavenging the wastes for food and spare parts, at first they didn’t notice the distant violence, until the King bellowed “PERSEPHONE!!” and fired-off a plasma-grenade in rash retribution for the injury of one of his cherished sons, the grenade hit its target and exploded in a cascade-cluster of white-hot doom, both Celeste and Persephone were knocked off their feet.



With such a crescendo of action and relentless violence the game ended with @Ptrix taking a voluntary bottle, however the Eschers had won by freeing their captive ganger thanks to the immaculate planning of Persephone and super-human skills of Molly-Sue.

But at what cost…?


All the escher fighters down made full recoveries, Kaal the sadistic pit-fighter was blinded in one eye (obviously!) reducing his ballistic skill from 0 to -1!

Cerberus the new Pit Slave Techno got an attack advance and was promptly equipped with a chainsaw (for WYSIWYG) and the escher heavy Celeste learned a new trick from her tangle with the pit-fighter Kaal and rolled an extra attack.

Income generation was tricky for The Crazies, but King Khronus was able to squeeze a healthy profit from his cursed archeotech horde and also gambled twice and won! - Life ain't so bad for a sadistic perverted outlaw pit-slave "king" eh?

blackrat dead.png

Apparently @Malo ‘s bots think Blackrat is dead, but the Hive Goddess thinks otherwise (I re-rolled-him up as new ratskin scout for the next game, and managed to roll a BS advance, so now he’s even better!, GoooOOOOO BlackRAT!)

Not much else to report post-game despite a ludicrously violent rescue, we went-on to play another game (an ambush scenario, which I won!), I’ll try to do a write-up on this one too at some point.
An excellent rendition of the first bout or our double header this weekend. To think how well it would of gone if you hadn't bought that grenade launcher last time! Will have to remember to use more smoke next time.

Looking forward to the rather more bloody 2nd part...
Apparently @Malo ‘s bots think Blackrat is dead, but the Hive Goddess thinks otherwise (I re-rolled-him up as new ratskin scout for the next game, and managed to roll a BS advance, so now he’s even better!, GoooOOOOO BlackRAT!)
If (stristr($ganger_name,'blackrat')) {
    $injury_roll = 11;
It just occurred to me that the obvious way to get around this is to simply change his name (by hive deed-pole, presumably...?!)

Ideas anyone?

("Kenny" occurs to me off the cuff...)
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