Secret objective cards to spice up games


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Nov 26, 2016
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Recently came across this: and loved the idea. Basically it's nothing more than secret 'secondary' objectives to spice up each game, as the title of this thread says.

After asking for permission, I am posting it here for further development and long term archiving.

The concept needs to be refined I guess, but there is a lot of potential: choosing your bets (and gambling) in boardgames like ticket to ride for example adds tons of fun. I've seen a bit of 8th ed. 40k and they seem to have added something like this as well, which is awesome IMO, and may be taken as inspiration (anyone knows more about it?).

Here's how it goes:
At the beginning of a game, each player draws at random three secret objective card.
Everyone must choose to keep 1-3 of these.
At the end of each of your turn, you can draw 3 again, but then you must keep 1-3 of these newly drawn cards.
Whenever you achieve the mission of one of your card, declare so to your opponent, and then put that card to your 'success' pile.
At the end of the game, count victory points: cards in the success pile give points, cards in hand, if failed failed missions, take away points. Some objectives are conditions examined at the end of the game, too.

Now, what would a list of these objectives look like?
First, I think we would need to enumerate each fighter on the table, and probably place a few objective points, like there are in the hit n run mission (is it what it's called? dont have my book at hand).

Here's a random list, feel free to comment:
1: keep fighter XXX (of your team) alive (eg not down nor OOA)
2: get fighter XXX (of opposite team) down (bonus for OOA),
- variants; or modifiers: in H2H, shooting close range, shooting with a plasma/energy weapon, a fire/burning weapon, ...
3: collect marker XXX (eg one of your fighter must have it at the end of the game)
4: one fighter must be within 2" of marker XXX at the end of the game
5: one fighter must go to marker XXX (eg success as soon as there)
6: one fighter must spend Y turns at marker XXX doing nothing (this one might be tricky to account for)
-variants: must take out H2H, or must success a I test/Ld test while doing nothing else that turn (think examine something or activate an equipment)
7: get fighter XXX through the gaming board
8: have a fighter in each quadrant
9: have all of your (surviving) fighters with X" of marker XXX

... what else? There are probably subtleties to think about, for example several type of markers, etc...
Also, probably that it wouldnt make sense to adjust bottling rules?

I won't even try to add too much details, eg how many victory points each brings if succeeds or fails for now.

What do you guys think? Any pointers to stuff that already exists and could be adapted to SWA?
Instead of those being VP's(I'd try to stay away from bigger wargame mechanics) wouldn't it be cooler to make those mini missions give XP/something related to advancing? I remember there was an idea to make advancing a D6 roll with + and - modifiers depending on various accomplishments by the fighter. These card missions could be just that - to randomize what is needed and to make leveling a bit spicier.
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That is a great suggestion, thanks! unfortunately this is the SWA subforum and xp isnt a thing here ;) I am sure things could be found to get that type of feeling though!
well advances are a thing... so maybe just say they are hard to achieve objectives, but any that are completed, that member gets an advance roll after the game (in addition to the usual ...1 advance per game? been awhile since I played SW)
Yup, that's what I thought. Another option would be to link games, eg if you succeed to do x and y, next gamr is a favorable scenario, otherwise you play a defavorable one, or things like that.
Somehow, the whole point is roto give meaning/a narrative to each game
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