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Dec 29, 2017
TOPIC: Improved house ruled Necromunda.

The Necro-vox page used to link to Necrodamus, but it unfortunately got shut down, so now I don't have a way to share the link, other than PM'ing me directly.

If you want to check out Necrodamus, PM me!


The original project started in 2017/2018 and is mainly focused on official rules (RAW). However it will deviate some from the official rules when the official rules are messy. For exact original wording, Necro-vox used to be the best source before it got shut down, so if you're into the exact wording, you have to look somewhere else now. Necrodamus sacrifices exact wording for a more compact experience with easier reference during the game. At the moment Necrodamus is maintained to stay fully up to date and complete.

The related cards are also available in yaktribe vault:
The solution for me at the time when the official rules had the lowest quality was to rewrite the entire rules. This was to make it work instead of relying on more and more official rules making everything increasingly broken and unbalanced. However, this too proved to be a lot of work. So for the time being focus is shifted away from Bookromunda and it will unfortunately stay dormant for a while. However it will be easy to adapt most new official content on the fly to match the style and format of Bookromunda.

Main goals:
  • Rebalance costs (most stuff is more expensive). Top tier weapons like boltgun, plasmagun, nade launcher got extra expensive. Some less valuable weapons like wyld bow and rad gun got a lower cost increase.
  • Skills are reworked in an attempt to rebalance. Particularly Shooting skills are nerfed.
  • Shooting (ranged attacks) are nerfed.
  • Stats are nerfed (only leader start with BS 3+, no gang can start with WS/BS 2+. Fighters start with a single wound.
Gangs should be dirtier, cheaper, poorer. Struggle to survive, not to flourish!

Campaign is fixed:
  • Income tax.
  • Underdog bonus (XP & Giant killer)
  • Gangs grow in strength by development (not earning large amount of money and buying already developed fighters)
Finally, if you find this useful, please consider giving it your stamp of approval with a thumbs up to this discussion post!
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I wonder, are you talking about the same document you linked me before, the one titled:

Necromunda: Underhive
Latest update: October 2019

Or is it something entirely different?
hello, page 6 in the house rule :
"Unless otherwise stated, all rolls succeed when all dice are
natural 1s and succeed when all dice are natural 6."

failed ;o).
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Thanks for sight of this (I picked up links to this from somewhere on here a few days ago), I'm midway through organising my own houserules for a semi-narrative campaign I'm hoping to run in the New Year, so it's good to see some other thoughts.

Couple of things, more out of curiosity around reasoning than anything else:

Rules pg 23: What's the reasoning behind making Reload a Double Action rather than Simple? Have you encountered reloading being a bit too easy?
Rules pg 34: I think you're missing some mention in here regarding your rules about Blast weapons and target priority as you mention in the Campaign rules how Blast now (somewhat) abides by priority, but that isn't in the rules unless I'm reading this too late at night and it's staring me in the face...
Rules pg 66: Is the intention that the -1 to-hit on Shoot (Simple) applies even if you only use a single Shoot Action? I assume it's more if you choose to complete two Shoot (Simple) Actions you apply a -1 to both shots, otherwise you permanently nerf your shooting ability even if you aren't actually using your skill.

I'll take a look at the campaign rules in a bit more detail some other time, I'm not planning on running a perpetual campaign but initial look tells me there are some nice ideas in here I'd potentially want to look at.
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Thanks, that's solid feedback! I have conflicting interests when making this. First, I would like to make it more in the spirit of the other version, more true to RAW and the original texts. But I gradually changed course because either RAW didn't make sense or didn't play out as I wanted. The stuff you mention is mainly about not working as I would prefer. It's nothing wrong with those original rules mechanically.

1. I am going to look over the blast rules, might be an oversight (old rules not updated).

2. Reload as double action. Problem here is guns dominate and close combat rarely succeeds. In previous editions, all weapons basically had 'Scarce', meaning once you run out, you could never reload or fire that gun again during that battle. Which means that it was valuable to carry a second gun. Let's say grenade launcher as primary and a cheap lasgun as backup. I liked the idea of having a backup gun. The new ruled allow for 2 reload attempts so you don't need much backup guns anymore. Also, after a few rounds of shooting, some guns would likely go out of ammo, which means that more fighters could move around, not getting shot and even charge into close combat. That doesn't happen much anymore because Ranged weapons dominate too much. The reason for making it double action is to motivate backup guns and facilitate more close combat. If your weapon takes a double action to try to reload, maybe carry a close combat weapon as backup and start charging enemies axe to face instead?

3. Fast shot. That was not my intention. I thought using the skill was voluntary, so you could opt to shoot normal without the penalty. The motivation for penalty was to reduce Ranged deadliness (also described above) while also balancing skills. Fast shot is possibly the best skill in the whole game, or at least top tier. If making it a little worse, it would motivate diversity, trying different skills instead of spamming the same one. I'll have a look to rewrite for clarity.

4. Custom campaign rules should work as a solid foundation for all types of campaigns. So perpetual or shorter, time-limited should benefit equally. If you have an arbitrator making cool scenarios and background or play without, the campaign should work regardless.
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Would someone mind PM’ing May the consolidated rules. I’m considering buying a new box as a plunge into necromunda, but would like to check out the rules first.
The document is under construction and will be messy. Hopefully I'll be done adding new content and cleaning up in 1-2 weeks. Stay tuned!
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Regarding shooting, we’ve been thinking about making it more reload intensive rather than making reload harder to do.

We tried using this houserule for a few test games: reload is triggered by any 1 hit on firepower dice, not just ammo symbol, essentially making it so every shot has a 50% chance to trigger ammo check. This created moments of respite, when it was possible to contest objective or assist wounded friendly fighter without getting shot up, so it made scenarios more mission oriented.

One thing that I personally dislike about this is that using a firepower dice in a “wrong” way feels very weird. I wanted every weapon to roll 2 firepower dice instead of 1 for every shot, but it makes rapid fire weapons very confusing.
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It's an interesting alternative to the previously ammo check on hit rolls of 6. I very much like your reload house rule, but how you do handle Scare/Limited and stuff like that?
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