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May 30, 2017
Greeley, CO
Hello all. This will be an attempt to catalogue some of my various painting work across various games/themes.

A little background on me- I'm Ikka, or Lord_Ikka, Lord Ikka, or Hey You! in various forums and games and whatnot. I've been a wargamer for about 25 years, since 3rd edition of 40k, though I had a pretty big 8-10 year gap where I did nothing in the hobby at all. Five years ago a work buddy told me he was working on some Imperial Guard and just like that I was back in. I've been buying, building, painting, and playing 40k ever since and have branched out into other games like X-wing, Battletech, and just recently, Necromunda.

I've got 40k multiple armies finished or in process- Heresy-era DA, self-created Primaris SM chapter, Imperial Knights, Necrons, and Inquisition stormtroopers (the last one is somewhat important to my Necromunda journey). Just a few weeks ago however, a local Necromunda league got started and I attended a session zero intro-game. I've always been aware and interested in Necromunda, but never knew anyone around me who wanted to play. Turns out, there were a lot more Necro-heads than I thought and the league looks like it will be quite full. Since I'm a hobby butterfly, I've been buying various Necromunda games/products through the years to turn into Inquisition warbands; they're great palate cleansers after a month or two of painting power armor and I love the Necromunda sculpts. Turns out I have about seven gangs worth of stuff to play with and I'm going to start off with a Venator gang (other choice was Orlock but there are 2-4 Orlock players already).

Normally I hangout over on the Bolter and Chainsword, as my hobby focus has been mostly 40k-related and I've been a member over there for years- they are specifically a 40k/40k derivative forum so don't allow non-40k miniature posting and the Necromunda sub-forum is sadly less than active. So I decided to visit you fine folks and start becoming more active here as well. Anyway, I've babbled on long enough about myself. Next post will be some shots of my current gang and possible recruits/reinforcements. After that, I'll use this thread to update on my Necromunda doings and hobbying.
Here is Cell Alpha 1-1-3, an Inquisition warband sent to investigate suspicious activity in a newly-opened section of Hive Primus. Cunning and ferocious, the cell will be facing a mass of angry gangers, possible cultists, and all the normal dangers one faces in the Underhive. The cell itself is composed of ex-gangers, wastelanders, and indentured tech-clan warriors; the best, though still expendable agents that Inquisitor Cypha Ly can find.


Interrogator Slyss, cell leader and the "face" of the cell. Very little is known about Slyss or the large powersword he wields.

Niks Twin-Eye, lead warrior. A silent killer, Niks serves as the cell's second-in-command and instructor to the two other clan warriors.

Markos, sharpshooter. A former bounty hunter, Markos now uses his skills in service to the Holy Ordos

Syvara, warrior. Like her companions, Syvara is a tech-clan warrior trained in the art of the sword.

Little Sister, warrior. Compact and deadly.

Crixsus, wasteland sniper. Born with a rifle in hand, now hunting for the Imperium.

Peck, ex-ganger. Once on the run from his Delaque brothers, Peck has found a new warband to join.
One of us! One of us!

Lovely stuff. And we don't care here whether you post 40k, AoS, Bolt Action, Battletech... we're an equal opportunities wargaming site, we'll unleash the Orange Menace on anyone. Welcome aboard.
Thank you!

I've noticed the miniatures-agnostic painting logs, very enjoyable and it'll be nice to post some of that. While most of my stuff, at least what is planned until the end of the year, is 40k, I do have a lot of random stuff that I paint. I will grab interesting D&D minis to just test out paint schemes or work on stuff like making better skin-tones, as they are fairly cheap as far as minis go.
The Tusken Raider-style heads and the two ex-Delaque ganger heads are from puppetswar.eu. Niks, Syvara, and Little Sister are all 3d printed minis that fit in with the aesthetics I was going for, which was the Desert Punk manga/anime. Markos, the FW bounty hunter model, was the first model of this group and I just loved his look. So everyone else, aside from Slyss, conforms around that style.
I converted some Mutant Chronicles Mishima warheads to have that Desert Punk look. I just used putty on their straw hats. You’re are soooo much better.
Last night, first night of the league. Seven gang champions competed in a pit fight as an opener (3 gangs unfortunately could not make it). Then after the pit fight gangs paired off for the first battles.

The custom pit fight rules had a creeping death gas that moved closer to the center from the edges of the board, stopping at the arena walls, forcing the champions together. Injuries were changed, with standard Flesh Wounds no longer doing anything and Serious Wounds changed to mere Flesh Wounds. It was a mighty fight. The Imperial Agent Niks Twin-Eye charged in and took down a possibly corrupt Enforcer Sergeant after three rounds of fairly anemic damage (lots of now-useless Flesh Wounds and just terrible to Hit rolls by me), then spent the remaining time in melee with a Genestealer Aberrant and a Chaos champion wielding a shotgun. When the dust settled, the Chaos cult memberhad been defeated by a Goliath Stimmer and the Genestealer was gunned down by a sneaky Van Saar. With the only two fights left being Niks and the Van Saar, and a lot of open space between the two, Niks wisely bowed out and took second. He gained a free Skill, becoming a better Infiltrating warrior by adding an extra attack via Bezerker. A good start to the night.



Pics of the night/arena - I'm terrible at remembering to take pics during games, so these are all I got for the night, sorry. I'll try to remember next week to do better.

The next fight was Border Dispute, with the Inquisition facing a Chaos Cult fronting as water traders. I'm assuming that the Ordo Xenos Inquisition cell was extremely surprised about the Chaos cult, as they were initially looking for a possible Genestealer infestation. That is the only explanation for the following events. Both gangs start out with five members; Cell 1-1-3 chooses Slyss, Markos, Niks, Syvara, and Crixsus while the cult has its Leader, a Wytch champion, and three cultists including its second Champion.

Chaos gets priority. First activation is the normal cultists who was randomly chosen to be in the middle with the champion Markos. The cultist charged around the wall between the two and smashed his flail through the ex-bounty hunters chest armor, completely taking him Out of Action and causing a Critical Injury. This did leave the cultist open to Crixsus' kroot rifle, and eventually Syvara's finishing shotgun, but the damage was done. Niks fails his Infiltrating charge and none of the other acolytes are able to do anything this round and they wind up Bottling. They do ga8n a benefit with Little Sister coming in the reinforce, but the cult gets another three members.

Second round, the Inquisition losses it's leader Slyss and Crixsus to Cool checks as they flee the battlefield. The good news is that Niks and Syvara knock out a cultist each and Peck shows up at the end of the round, but the writing is on the wall and the cell flees the battlefield.

Markos sadly dies on the way to the doc (rolled an 11 for the 2d6 x 10 credits needed!), as does one of the cultists. Luckily for Markos, he is so augmented that his brain still lives while his body is smashed beyond recognition, so if the Inquisition can gain enough credits he will get a new body and again attempt to serve.

For now, Slyss will carry his downed subordinate's plasmagun until they can get him another body. Niks managed to upgrade his movement after the experience gained from both battles, making it much more likely that his Infiltrating charges will occur. Otherwise, the cell will lick their wounds and form new plans to combat their enemies.

A very good, thematic, and utterly fun first night of the league. Terrible rolls on my part for Markos, but I'm hoping Niks will step up and prove to be a great asset to the team. Slyss failing his Cool test was equally bad and hilarious, and the whole second battle highlights exactly why I'm loving Necromunda- nothing can be taken for granted in the Underhive.
A possible replacement gang if my current gang dies off.

A rebel mining crew, known as the Deep 7's, that raided a local Enforcer precinct and took their weapons to begin a righteous struggle against tyranny. The mining crew rose up to protest the lack of safety equipment and low rations; any rumors of strange mutations or other "wyrdness" are just Imperial propaganda. Likewise, the rock-wyrm is a common symbol among the mining familes, not some heretic Xenos creature...


oh yes 'desert punk' hats , ive been wracking my brain trying to remember what they reminded me of
What happens when you're bored at work, realize that your in-progress Cawdor gang doesn't have long range, don't like the crossbows, and have a bunch of junk lying around? You make a Cawdor scrap-pattern long rifle. All the best bits of scavenged tech in one package- long barrel, check - mono-pod, check, random welded bracing, check!

"Long rifle must just mean long auto-gun right brother?"

Who cares about accuracy or ballistics when the God-Emperor is on your side!




Rough and pretty ugly right now, but it should look alright once I slap some paint on it.
True, though I'm not a terrain guy- I appreciate those that can make and paint it, but I just don't have the patience. I'm sitting on the terrain from the Imperium mag right now, though with my recent dip into Necromunda I may have some use for stuff like the munitorium crates. Looking at different 1/35 vehicles for Ash Wastes and such, might be able to convert some sort of jury-rigged Ridgehauler with trailers. I do like playing on well-painted terrain, my local group has a couple of guys who have done a good job and it is always so nice to play on a thematic board, especially after all the tournament-table 40k stuff I'm used to.

I'll probably rip off the snipers head and give him a different weapon for his right arm, as he was originally just a rando ganger and now has been promoted to Firebrand shooty guy.
I'll probably rip off the snipers head and give him a different weapon for his right arm, as he was originally just a rando ganger and now has been promoted to Firebrand shooty guy.
He looks superb, nice extension of the autogun.

He does need something cooler than a metal stake.

That’s a body that usually has a loose hand, so one holding a cigarette would be pretty cool. Like he’s just chillin’ waiting for someone to appear.
Week 2 League update
(Once again, sorry for the bad/few pics- I get pretty excited during the games and forget to take pics)

Surprised at the loss of their champion Markos, the cell valiantly sallies forth. Fighting a group of Ash Waste Nomads, the cell pulls out a significant victory- no one critically injured and over 100 credits gained. Niks once again proves his worth, taking down two mounted nomads while only suffering a single wound. Another Nomad goes down and the wastelanders flee the battlefield, a single juve being captured by the cell but the other two critically wounded members wind up learning from their experience and gaining some extra xp.

I was extremely lucky to go up on this table against another gang that didn't have a vehicle- though he did have some mounted members. I also got lucky that his random selection only selected his juves to deploy 1st, his more veteran gangers came later but couldn't stem the tide of Imperial fury.



With the credits from the first battle, Slyss is able to find a local doc/mechanic/tech-priest and give Markos a new body. Markos mk II is born and ready to serve again, and Niks gains an armored undersuit to try to help him survive his Infiltrating rampages.

The second mission was also on an Ash Wastes board, though luckily the board was smaller w/more terrain and again the opposing Van Saar gang did not have a vehicle. The mission was Fuel Hunt and we rolled up 6 caches to discover/grab.

Niks unfortunately an explosion the first cache, taking a wound and then going OoA in a flurry of plasma/las blasts. Markos mk II managed a couple of good Overwatch shots to keep some overeager Van Saar gangers scrambling on the right while the combination of Syvara and Little Sister stalled a push on the open terrain to the left. Syvara and Slyss both rolled better than Niks and nabbed fuel caches, but Peck, Crixsus, and Little Sister all get seriously wounded by the volume of Van Saar shots. Slyss makes the call to bail and the cell technically wins as the fuel cache points are 2-1 in favor of the Inquisition.



Peck winds up captive of the Van Saar while Niks just goes Out Cold. Crixsus goes into Convalescence and Little Sister get multiple injuries- Convalescence and Bitter Enmity vs the Van Saar. So while the mission was a victory, the Inquisition loses three fighters for the next match and only gains 50 credits. That is enough, with the leftover from the previous mission, to recruit another hunter named Slips armed with twin autopistols and mesh armor. Niks manages to advance again, this time taking a Toughness upgrade to T5

I'm hoping against hope for an easier board/opponent next mission, as being down to five fighters doesn't give me a lot of room to maneuver. Still loving the game, can't wait for Monday!
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He looks superb, nice extension of the autogun.

He does need something cooler than a metal stake.

That’s a body that usually has a loose hand, so one holding a cigarette would be pretty cool. Like he’s just chillin’ waiting for someone to appear.
Ack, saw this after I gave him his new weapon, that would have been a good option. Decided to equip him with a cleaver for a little bit of melee defense.



Now to finish up my SoB and start in on this other set of fanatics!
Huh, just re-read the rules and Convalescence is not the same as going into Recovery like I thought- yay! I have both Little Sister and Crixsus back for my next game. Now I'm really looking forward to Monday, as Slips will take the place of the Captured Peck and the almost-full cell will be ready for battle (with Syvara, Little Sister, and Crixsus all at 5XP and close to getting an advance)!
A couple of potential Ash Wastes walkers with overhead grenade launchers.




Started these a few years ago from some leftover Dust Tactics models, but wasn't happy with them for counts-as Sentinels. As Ash Waste vehicles though, I think they'll do okay if I armor up the cockpits a bit.
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Week 3 of the league
The first match was a marathon Rescue mission vs the Van Saar gang from last week, with the Inquisition attempting to rescue Peck from the gangers' clutches. First time playing with Sneak Attack rules, and unfortunately my opponent rolled really well on his initial sentry's spotting check. Bam, Interrogator Slyss takes a lasbolt to the chest, wounding but not killing him. His luck continued with getting a goodly amount of reinforcements who managed to blast Slyss again, taking him OoA and Out Cold. Then over the next three rounds the Van Saar's plasma took over and wounded Niks, killed Slips (Peck's newly recruited replacement), and severely wounded Syvara. 1-1-3 fought back, taking two Van Saar OoA (though both wound up with beneficial Injuries in Impressive Scars and Lesson Learned), while Niks managed to free Peck from his bonds.

Unfortunately, the game turned there and Peck got head-shot before he could escape and Niks went OoA (Out Cold) as did Syvara (Convalescence). Down five members, the Inquisition decided to pack it up and get out of the wastes. Result of the game- two dead (Peck and Slips- both thankfully lower-value members), three regular Hunters gaining an Advance (Syvara/Little Sister getting better BS, Crixsus getting Movement), and once again the leader Slyss winding up OoA or fleeing the first out of anybody in the gang. Managed to recruit another replacement for Peck, same loadout of Autogun/Reclaimed Autopistol, so the cell is staying at 7 members for now.




Second Match this week was a very short one against some Orlocks (so short I didn't get picks). I was lucky enough to have Markos take one Wrecker OoA (Hobbled) and the Orlocks bottled/fled, giving the Inquisition a quick victory and a needed break from the precision shots of the Van Saar. This will mark the halfway point of this initial campaign, so every gang should be getting some decent credits to reinforce. I'm thinking of grabbing a shotgun-equipped Hunter (Little Sister/Syvara have done much more damage with their shotties than blades) and either a Walker w/grenade launcher or another champion with either a plasma gun or a long rifle. Since I've played on the Ash Wastes so often (4/5 games), the need for longer range has been pretty acute. Either way, the cell's Rep is getting better and they are for the most part slightly better than they were at the beginning, so I'm taking that as a win. Here's to next week and hopefully a different map (I'd like to see how Zone Mortalis plays...).

Mid-campaign stats (5 battles)
Win/loss: 3/5
Kills: 1
Deaths: 3 (Markos mk I, Peck, Slips)
Most Valuable Member: Niks (3 Advances, 5 enemies taken OoA)
Least Valuable Member: Slyss (2 failed Cool checks to flee, 1st one to flee/go OoA 3 times)
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