LDZA, A tale of five DayZ Survivors

@Pagumb - your name has been added to the roster, your traits are: Wants to be a hero, but is defensive and carries a momento.
Going off your criminal record, they would have practically rolled the red carpet out for you at the police station!
Rumors that I accidentally "broke into" the local jail while attempting to burgle Pokey Joe's Pawnshop and Lapdance Emporium just because I used the address given by that AI search engine are wildly exaggarated. I obviously admitted myself to avoid blowback after I tricked some illiterate tough guy by selling him painfully fake tickets to the tractor pull at the sports arena. They were just a couple of coupons to Gertie's Tug and Pull Geriatric Massage Parlor from the free weekly paper that I glued to some cereal box cardboard. I couldn't believe he thought they were real. As for what's in that Mentos mint tin I carry with me everywhere well that's none of your business!
Sooo... @Pagumb ,

I started the minis before we decided to put the characters forward for adoption. So this is your mini so far...

on a dice roll I sculpted her as a her. She is wearing cargo trousers, hooded t-shirt and a dainty leather jacket. The idea was that the jacket was what she was wearing when she got arrested pre-dayZ, and the rest is what she scavenged since. I was going to give her a hand bag and heeled shoes in it, to represent the memento.

But before I do the hands, weapon and head I want to ask you what you want included. Since gender has no impact on game mechanics I am willing to change that. Also the memento. And do you want a say on the head or hair? I'm willing to do crazy heads (for example I am thinking of giving my dude a bear head). And colours, I am thinking a green hoodie with a P like your avatar.
Sounds like a good plan. I think you should sculpt whatever fits the vibe you come up with for this band of survivors. I'm clearly going for a bumbling burglar persona that probably feeds into my defensiveness because I want to be a great thief but I'm sorta of lazy and don't plan well (or at all). I'm so busy day dreaming in my head about being great that I can't be bothered with the details of reality. Figure you can play her as ever bumbling and she dies in the first real conflict with more competent forces OR she bumbles her way through on an egregious amount of luck OR the reality of the apoc forces her to pay attention and become more of the person she always wanted to be but never really had to be before.

Maybe we all have animal costume heads because that's what I stole early in the apoc after landing with your jail crew? Or maybe your character does and I'm so terrified of your dominant, callous persona that I took to wearing one too as an attempt to fit in. A bunny or other non-predator animal head? She doesn't actively think these things through but has enough social skills that she can read the room/person/moment and usually find a way through...
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Faces are hard to make. But it's still a WIP. This is my cop character with a revolver and Magnum. I wanted it to look like she is carrying her standard issue gun on her hip and that maybe the Magnum was bestowed upon her. So she is carrying a belt on her shoulder and unholstering the magnum.

I'm getting started on the terrain - mostly the Mall, but there are a few other bits and bobs for other terrain scenarios - for LD:ZA.

@CaptainDangerous I would appreciate getting together with you over the next month to spend a Saturday or two for help putting the terrain together? There is... A lot...
Sorry for dominating the thread with only my own photos. It's just that I am feeling very proud of them.

in this latest they all have faces, hands and even eyes. I have already started on hats and hair, but I will try to do group photos from now on.

As for myself, the leader, I tried out to give him a large teddy bear gut, but I didn't like it. I added a big beard to nod in that direction.

I am into swords so I liked thinking how my 'heavy blades' will look and how they might have been made. But we don't see enough of them to really comment on them.
I've bought some trees for the planters, along with a white spray can to spray over some doors that I've seen in one kit that have been rather well burned by the laser cutter when they were cut.

I need to find a suitable dog mini, and possibly find some more cop minis, and take full stock of what I have/need.

Anyone know a suitable springer spaniel mini, let me know; otherwise @Stoof may be getting a generic doggo mini.
how about this, @Ardavion?

how about this, @Ardavion?

£12.15 for the STL, and I'd still need to get it actually printed...

That's GW prices, right there.

This might be more acceptable at £2-£4, depending on the scale:

I'd appreciate if anyone can help ensure I get the right "scale", since I never fully understand the lettering/scaling system (and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scale_model_sizes seems all over the place in describing what scale is used for what size).
Ah! I didn’t look at the prices. I just saw it was Ana available file, and knew that some here in this event thread print stuff. Sorry! I don’t do any 3D stuff at all….
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Ah! I didn’t look at the prices. I just saw it was Ana available file, and knew that some here in this event thread print stuff. Sorry! I don’t do any 3D stuff at all….
No worries!

To be honest, I'd love to get into 3D printing, but UV resin printing - which is the better option for minis - has health and safety requirements that I can't accommodate, and from what I gather 3D printing is a hobby unto itself; I barely get anything finished in the hobbies I already have.
Progressing. They are at a stage where I could slap some paint on them and call them done. I will try to do touch ups on the sculpting though.

There are certainly places where I could have done better. Like the leader's and gang member's faces. But I always knew that faces were going to be hard to do.
Start of the terrain:

Who makes those escalators? Those are nice pieces.
It was a company called 4Ground, who went under and were absorbed into TymeAgain, who also seemingly went under. I bought a rather large consignment of stuff before 4Ground closed.

Not sure if anywhere has any left over stock, but I do see places offering their kits when I googled 4Ground to see what their latest situation is.
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So, I got my human survivors finished...

My leader's heavy blade was inspired by a YouTube video
Perfect for killing slow moving zombies and executing captured enemies and not in the photo has a flat part on the back for bracing with the off hand. The jail bird has a heavy blade shaped like a butcher's knife, to look shiv like. The idea behind them both is that they are self made, cut from an evidence locker shelf. Lacking curves and still painted white.

I don't know how the significance of USA police uniform patterns so the cop just has what feels right to me. She is also the only one standing on a curb to artsy fartsy demonstrate that she is an outsider in the group.

The farmer (far right) is supposed to have an extendable baton. She is also wearing the top and boots from when she was arrested for drunken behaviour.

The eyes and faces look ridiculous but I was pushing out of my comfort zone so I am still proud. (My goodness, look how some of those eyes extend past the side of the head!)

Edit: i decided that my 'merciless thug' leader showed psychopathic behaviour even before the end of the world. Therefore despite all that's going on he still has carefully made hairs and a neat beard, and dresses like mad max. Probably smells nice too.

And I hate the light in the photo.

I still have 2 good boy doggies to make.
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