Yakday London 2017

A little bit of flavour for the new custom territory I just added to the campaign (don't worry it's the same as the janky-as-all-hell "collapsed dome" I rolled earlier today with @Llewy and @Ptrix as my witnesses!)

Its just a bit "classier" is all....

"The Purple Pendulum" Pit Fighting Club
Income: 2D6 creds
One pit slave may try to drum-up some cash by putting on an "exhibition fight" for the locals in the now tattered and worn "Purple Pendulum" arena (Pit fighters are too proud to fight in such a run-down joint!).

The fights are slow and generally boring and the ground-rent is now too high (due to the gentrification of Badzone 6) and as such not many people will pay their hard-won creds to witness primarily geriatric and "totally past-it" pit-slaves ("they ain't evun proppa pit fightas!!") pound each other's wrinkled and scarred faces into the metal deck.

However you can choose to run a Purple Pendulum pit fight if you wish and if you do so will earn 2D6 credits (after ground-rent, utilities, bar-fees, agency fees, broadcast rights and staff wages). However, on a roll of 1 the Purple Pendulum is overrun by disgruntled customers offended by the quality of the fighting and during the customer-riot the club is burned to the ground, In addition, the pit-slave must make an Initiative test; if they fail the test they are killed during the riot or perhaps in the pit fight by either a heart-attack or a nasty fall after trying to dodge a would-be contender in the arena. The pit slave sent to take part must be crossed off the roster.

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No worries @TopHat , I will add you in now

I've added you in @The Duke , dont worry... you'll have a special marker for your gangs territory too! ;)

It was @CaptainDangerous' idea. It was all my idea, bathe me in my well deserved glory!
Thats the underhive spirit I know and love!
Okay, Lets see if this works...

---rec. ref. 02242. [audio only] transcript attached. additional files pertaining to 02242 linked to below---

M'lord, I have dug through the archives... the last time a Cartographicus Servitor was sent to the Dome in question... well it was some time ago...so be prepared for the map to look a little dated...

Savant, our technology for map making hasn't advanced since the Helmnwar took the governship, back in *BEEP BEEP BLARRRRPPPP*, Oh close that retched window, blasted mag trains!

Yes sire.

Anyway, where was I, yes, even an old map, and whats the date code.. pah, it's barely over a hundred years old! that's nothing. Show me the map!

Well what I mean is sire... well... the programmer, the junior who set the Cartograpticus, he played with the special effects (ref 1).

HE WHAT?! sigh... well lets just see what we have to use shall we... (ref 2)
---transcript ends---

(ref 1)

(ref 2)

ye olde map finished1-1.jpg

I've shamelessly copied (but far less stylishly) the Peterborough campaign idea... and with significantly less ci fi... sorry!

Here's some fun overlays:
ye olde map-1.jpg
Glad you like it @Fold . it is indeed a map from the 1900's. The old OS map from the area.

I thought the @The Duke 's territory seemed fitting... since from his ramblings it's clear his leader is in an old persons home rambling at the nurses and they are just humouring his vision of a 're-union tour' :p

Here's how things are levelling out in 'uptown' Mega Dome One at the minute. I count that seven of us so far are in the campaign and aside from @Oliver's Delaques and @Luke82's Orlocks, the rest are outlaw!

@Jaws, @megaalligator, @Thomashworth, @radionausea, @TopHat, @BeardLegend and Henry; Are any of you gents intending to have a gang in the Mega Dome One campaign jousting for the great prizes on offer or will you be using Yakday to settle other scores?

I was thinking to show up and spectate.
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You should totally write a special scenario where your imperial cult dreadnaughts take on three entire Gangs! And if the Gangs don't succeed your knight Titan goes full Godzilla and rampages through the dome! .....?
(Not that I'll be there, but it would be so ace seeing your awesome minis just sitting on the table!) :p
Although I am a advocate for everyone doing what ever makes them happiest, you are representing the mighty Norsk nation! Your destiny awaits!! :D
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@Jaws - you may have noted that one of my Pit Slaves has your "handle" / name.... if it's lack of a gang to use that's putting you off I can lend you some fully-painted Pit Slaves in a natty Khornate colour scheme or Cawdor in "Inquisition Casual-wear" or an Enforcer gang (in "police brutality blue") or even some Delaques....?
haha, thats pretty cool ya know... little worrying but cool!
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