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    A stationary vehicle is just one that hasn't moved in its previous turn. It's standing still and so is easy to board. For all other intents and purposes it's a normal vehicle.

    Any vehicle that is immobilised becomes a stationary vehicle. Other than the fact that it's not moving it's just like any other vehicle.
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    Slavers nets: Entangled - "The model is automatically captured if it’s still
    entangled at the end of the game and its own mob
    bottled out, otherwise his mates set him free. "

    So if one was to kick a boy when hes down :)P) and he goes out of action.

    If the kicking wasnt on the last turn but his mob did eventually bottle out, is he captured or not?

    Can a slaver have multiple nets?
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  3. Flamekebab

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    If he wasn't freed before they bottle out then yes, he's captured. If he's OoA then other warriors could still try to free him to avoid him being captured.

    It does raise the question of whether there should be a roll on the Serious Injuries Table though...

    As long as you pay for it ;)
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  4. Kon-rad

    Kon-rad Gang Champion

    Oooooh. This is a kunnin' yet brutal one isn't he? Love it!

    This would have to be a special exception to the OOA rules, as the model would be left on the table. I can't think of any other situation where that would be the case. Does sound like the most natural call though, though there is nothing in the rules I can think of to back it.
    I figure there ought to be a roll on the Serious Injury chart, in addition to the "Captured" result. A whuppin' is a whuppin'.
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  5. Oruk.

    Oruk. Juve

    Sounds ok to me. But what if he gets another "captured" result on the Serious injury chart ? :D
    We might treat it as the multiple injuries result and reroll it I guess.
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  6. Flamekebab

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    As with everything else - feel free to house rule it!

    I'd be inclined to say that duplicate results of "captured"/"bitter enmity" should be re-rolled given that's how it works for the "multiple injuries" result.
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    Hi all, here are a few more stupid questions.

    Da Krusher has no Toughness value, just an armour value, meaning he can't take any wounds, only armor penetrations. Does this mean that he will never leave a mob on his own ? (Digganob p.85 and 86 - Endin' da job)

    Da Uvver book, p.86 - Scrap counters : "Scrap counters on vehicles count as gubbins and any hit to that location means a Scrap counter falls off the
    ", ok, but where does it fall off ? under the vehicle, behind the vehicle, or on a random side (like for a warrior dropping one) ?
    (The random side makes more sense to me)

    Da Rulz, p. 60 and 61 - Wrecker Ball / Big Grabber :"In order to use it one of the Boyz or Spannerz in the vehicle’s crew must operate it". So Nobz, Slaverz, Yoofs and Grots can't use one ? as well as any Digga ???
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    Ooh, some fun ones! Let's see:
    The rules on page 86 of Digganob use the term "injuries" rather than "wounds". Nowhere else does it say to keep track of the total number of wounds they've taken but it does say that special characters receive Serious Injuries as normal. If Da Krusher goes Out of Action from a penetrating hit he'll (or it'll...) need to roll on the Serious Injury Table as normal. So no, Da Krusher isn't a special case.

    Whilst technically it doesn't say it seems logical to me for scrap counters to follow the same rules for falling off as for warriors (in the Crew hit location on page 62 of Da Roolz):
    Of course scrap counters don't feel pain so don't need to worry about that pesky S3 hit ;)

    Now that is an impressive catch!
    Personally I think this is an oversight. Rebel Grot Big Luggas can fit Wrecker Balls and so Grots definitely can use them. I see no in-universe reason why these gubbins would be restricted to Boyz and Spannerz. As for Diggas well they do have Digga-Boyz!

    Rules as Written seem oddly restrictive but it looks like Big Grabbers and Wrecker Balls are for Boyz, Spannerz, Digga-Boyz, and Rebel Grots. Weird.
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  9. Oruk.

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    Thanks, I didn't noticed the slight difference in the english version (french one is really confusing). But "injuries" are rolls on the serious injuries table or injuries results (meaning "Multiple injuries" will count for more injuries, and "Full recovery/Bitter enmity/Captured/ ..." won't be taken into acount) ?
    I guess these should be results as they are "real" injuries, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Sorry for not being clear but when I said "on a random side (like for a warrior dropping one)" it was about p89 of Da Uvver Book "Warriors that are down or out of action drop any scrap they are carrying; place the counter next to them.". We were used to put the counter in a random direction sticked to the warrior dropping it, but not D3" away.

    And if you really don't like scrap counters, you can even upgrade your vehicle with spikes to make them suffer S4 hit ! :D

    Me neither, and I don't want to be the one trying to explain a Nob he can't use the Wrecker Ball he paid 10 teefs for... :censored:
    15 years ago we allowed any warrior to use it, as we didn't see any sense to have all of them being able to drive or fire big gunz, and not being able to use these gubbinz.
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  10. Oruk.

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    I forgot to bring some help on a pending question :
    As there's nothing in both books stating they can't, I will say they can (and some of my friends already played it that way).

    This might look interesting to have cheap drivers/gunners, but in a campaign this will end as a really poor choice.
    Why ? because grot drivers only have Ld5, good luck completing a swerve test ! This is even worse when taking into acount they have really low characteristic limits, meaning a grot driver will be stucked to Ld6 at best, and a grot gunner will be stucked a BS4, both of them not having easy access to Driving and Dakka skills.
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  11. Flamekebab

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    I think "injuries" in this case refer to injuries that are recorded on the roster, not just rolls on the table. Full Recovery and upwards wouldn't count. The question is whether Bitter Enmity should count or not o_O

    I'm not sure whether it's just in preparation for the release of Digganob but in Da Roolz (page 34) they make reference to drivers being pinned. This can't happen to Orks, of course, so who is that mention for?
  12. Oruk.

    Oruk. Juve

    as well as Impressive scars or Captured ...

    for Grots ! :D (and not only Rebel ones)
    ... but yes this might have been for Digganob.
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  13. Flamekebab

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    Impressive Scars possibly but not Captured. It's effectively a temporary status rather than a permanent effect.

    There's a question though - can Special Characters receive the benefit of Impressive Scars or should they reroll?
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  14. Oruk.

    Oruk. Juve

    Digganob p.86 "they suffer serious injuries as normal."
    To me, this also includes "good" injuries results, such as Bitter enmity and Impressive Scars. Survives against the odds is the only exception as they won't get any xp from this, but the result is kept without rerolling it.
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  15. Flamekebab

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    Unless I missed it in Digganob it looks like Serious Injuries sustained by special characters persist for the campaign. In a big enough campaign it'd be worth recruiting one and getting him horribly injured just to make the fighter less useful to rival mobs!

    I'm still undecided on whether Impressive Scars should count towards the total number of Serious Injuries but in writing this sentence I'm increasingly thinking it should, even though it's a positive. Getting scarred up isn't much fun for the fighter after all!

    Side note - I honestly haven't found anywhere else in anything I've read, ever, that uses the word "enmity" but it is apparently real. Why they couldn't just call it "grudge" I have no idea.
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  16. Oruk.

    Oruk. Juve

    This could be working but might cost too much teef to handle.

    We don't have much more informations about how to manage these characters, the only limitation written being maximum one of each per mob.
    I've seen 3 way of playing these :
    - only one character of each type for the whole campaign (meaning rival mobs can't recruit a character you already hired), and injuries/death remains. The bad side is that a few players quickly tried to find Dreggutz or Dregmek to lock them for the whole campaign, setting some unbalance early.
    - no "unique" campaign limitation, meaning differents mobs can hire the same character, both being independant from each other. This way is not the most logical but is more fairplay and fun.
    - same as above, but every time you hire a new character this one is "reset", meaning even you had one killed previously you can hire a fresh new one (but Dregmek also looses all his previous kustom jobs). This is like treating characters as basic mercenaries : a Weirdboy, a Dok, a Cybork and a Kopta.

    I guess it's up to everyone to decide ...
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  17. Flamekebab

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    I was mostly joking :LOL:

    Personally I'm in favour of the persistence model even if it does run the risk of a mob monopolising a Special Character. The logic and fiction of it works best for my tastes. That said I've never actually played against one of them so I'm not really sure how they play!

    By the way - I love the questions you bring in. It's fun to get some proper puzzles rather than the ol' "What's the crew capacity of a trukk?" (y)
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  18. Oruk.

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    Nazgrub is the only "weak" one, costing too much and not reliable. The 3 others are real assets : Da Krusher is a bit hard to handle but remains a crazy ass-kicking machine, Dregmek is the nightmare of close-quarter mobs and Dregutz is a great way to save some teef.

    So you'll be happy to know I still got a few brainfucking questions to bring here, I just need to be sure I can't find the answer on my own. ;)
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    Interesting! I need to get around to making a model for Da Krusher - I've got the rest (although I need a replacement back banner for Dreggutz, damn the guy who lost it!).

    At some point we (me and the other tUGS guys) intended to write a Hired Gunz system drawing on the principles of Necromunda's system but we also wanted to do a few Special Characters. Maybe one day...

    Feel free to ask! The FAQ isn't just for things that need corkscrew logic to figure out (y)
  20. Oruk.

    Oruk. Juve

    Can we fire a warrior/a vehicle ? (campaign mode)
    I didn't find anything about it, so I guess we can't.

    Do we have to charge/shoot at pinned warriors if they are the closest targets or can we skip them like warriors who are down ?
    Despite being pinned, they are not "down", meaning they remain priority targets and you'll have to charge/shoot at them if they are the closest targets.

    What happens if an ork mob already hiring a Digga Shaman captures another Shaman ?
    Acoording to Digganob p.27, an ork mob can only hire a single shaman. The captured one will be treated as a slave, bypassing this restriction, fighting as any other Shaman.

    So an ork mob can also capture multiple Shamans and fight with all of them ?
    Yes they can, the unique restriction is only when hiring Shamans as an ork mob or digga mob. Despite not being able to hire a Digganob, an ork mob can also capture some.

    Note : I edited as I made a mistake about captured diggas. I still have some doubt and need to check a few things ...
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