TribeMeet Scotland 2018 (Yakday)

Biggle watches from a tower as doxes midnight wreckers clash with the ash dune hawks!...
"Ovinnik. Ovinnik!"


The ganger blinked one eye then the other under the rim of the bloodied bandage round his head.

"That crash really did a number on you didn't it?"

Ovinnik didn't respond. He went back to absent-mindedly fiddling with a broken communicator module he'd found in the ruined outpost. He'd been driving the Junktrack and, seeing two Pitslave bikers and and a truck of the mainiacs, had gunned the engine and rammed straight through them. It had been carnage, resulting in a massive fireball as the Junktrack's fuel feed exploded after the impact. Poor Titan the Juve had broken two ribs being thrown from the truck and landing square on one of the oncoming bikers. Spectacular, hilarious, painful - especially for the biker who lost control and slammed into a building.

They'd recovered the Junktrack afterwards - the damage had been more burns to the bodywork than anything serious, and the feed pipes had been easy to replace.

Von Straumm had implored Mandrake to pull them out after the carnage, and ultimately only Ovinnik and Titan had been hurt. He was not impressed with the gang's performance so far - Still so close to Hive Primus and they'd already had a bloody nose. He wasn't sure if Ovinnik was alright in the head either - he seemed to alternately have bouts of rage followed by a loss of interest in his surroundings.

They needed to get further out into the wastes.

"Come on, time we were moving!" shouted Nozuchi, gunning the engine of his bike. Ovinnik put the old communicator back in the corner of the hovel he'd found it... green "ready" light happily blinking in the gloom. Von Straumm was sure it had been broken... sure of it...

They trundled further into the wastes, the pops and cracks of gunfire just audible in the distance as the Pitslaves encountered another group traveling through the old outpost...
The Round Robins of the THUNDERRRRRRCUUUUBE were a draw, with far too much lazy and pathetic shooting going on (booooooo!)

So the final for Day 1 was a 3v3 rumble!


Mining Slave 11100010 was the first to fall after being the last to engage thanks to pinning due to the cowardly and low trick of SHOOTING! (hissss!) He takes a mighty swing with his chainblade whilst blazing with his Autopistol, inflicting no fewer than FOUR wounding hits on Tobias Maximus... which he promptly dodged all of, turned and floored Mining Slave 11100010 with a single powerful blow!

For many rounds Arlen Drillkiller and Tobias Maximus duked it out, neither able to get the upper hand until... wham!


Ovinnik had - eventually - calmed down. Mandrake was pleased with his decision to allow him to continue to drive the ultimately disposable Junktrack, as his crazed actions had ended a skirmish with some strangely similar looking bearded men very quickly - He'd flown into a rage as soon as he saw their tracked transport and rammed the Junktrack into it, scoring a solid T-bone hit.

The transport had been immediately immobilised, the crew and passengers bailing as fuel sprayed from broken feed lines - only for two to be run over by Ovinnik immediately.

Von Straumm had not seen this - he had climbed a tower with Nerrid the heavy to try and see where the noise was coming from before the enemy had fully presented themselves.

After a small exchange of fire with a truck below, a ganger had appeared on the same level as them across a walkway. Von Straumm simply pointed his sword and the enemy shrieked in pain and plummeted back off the tower, the meltabeam burning him badly. Almost simultaneously Nerrid saw the muzzle flash from a rifle far across the area and snapped off a couple of rounds from his heavy stubber. He didn't see the impact, but no more shots came from the tower.

The gangers in the Taurox pickup exchanged a smattering of small arms fire with the strange men, and they suddenly melted back into the wastes with a few parting shots.

Nobody had suffered any lasting damage this time, and the vehicles were in good repair - although Manticore was annoyed at Ovinnik for ramming the enemy truck so hard he'd been thrown clear and knocked out cold, he grudgingly admitted it had almost certainly ended the fight quickly.

They were now huddled down in the back of the trucks as the sunlight faded... it had been a brutal day, but they were all alive... for now.
Yesterday’s Action:
The everwatching gaze of the yak looks upon the field of battle....

The gangs set up...
3238F595-BDB9-4F69-A53D-1EDB0565A4AF.jpeg 37CDF622-B286-49AA-ADF7-615143B41DE8.jpeg
A dodgy servo skull catches the first engagement...
The Guilder surveys his convoy, aware of the upcoming ambush, he puts his gang to the test...
CaptainCam technical difficulties:
++images incoming++

The captain leaves give primise for better pastures...
Servitor number 12 spots something in the distance...
They ready themselves for battle
7B9CC8EF-7D33-4699-A117-57280BD56F93.png 62552BEF-2190-4F11-9924-D141ADF2E578.png
The gap closes until the bikes break through...
5D178766-C442-400C-885E-4FE69F9D5F11.png A6BED5CA-DEE8-4C36-9914-A21A73B8776E.png
Kmisar shrikes gets hit, knocking him from the vehicle...
75FEAAD3-5050-4B77-BED2-D60129528D5F.png 553CF5E5-615D-41E1-A7C9-92EC236277EA.png
The captain leaps from the safety of the vehicle to protect his friend!

Meanwhile, the whole gang pile out to attack the warbuggy
E41944A4-FC1E-431C-BB19-AFB203607F00.png 1F40C11B-4F8C-4388-9113-D0DAA5B28973.png 1056C3ED-44C3-41A4-BA82-E180BA42840A.png
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*The servoskull fizzes an crackles as it frantically tries to upload while it still has wifi*
Dangerous Team 9 come across The Hawks while scavenging the northern wasteland...
In a manic fit of madness, the van Saar juve launches into the captains personal ride, throwing his team mate from the vehicle and igniting the captains engine!
The sniper Number 12, Deadeye, aims at his bebiked target just before getting shredded in a hail of heavy stubbed rounds...

1st Scrapheap Challenge Arena...
The competitors face off across the arena while the audience was ace their seats..
91F3F179-5DA9-4533-840E-6E538FA71607.jpeg 17436725-4A23-4019-9A7E-A7445EFBC051.jpeg EA3E1001-F626-41B4-B831-4A99F6625A81.jpeg AA396BDE-A9BD-4B70-877B-E5CBC3163AB5.jpeg
The opening shot of the tourney hits and the crowd goes wild!! BOOOOOOOO!...
Veteran pit slave Tobias shows them how it’s done! (three games in and this is the fist charge!)
With no clear winner in sight... we enter ....sudden death!
Two competitors tussle as the third fires at them so poorly he decides to join the fight... CCFD0164-950E-4733-91B5-AE46A68CD99B.jpeg
There can be only one!.....

To the victor go the spoils....
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Manticore heard the whirring of machinery in the otherwise silent and dark tunnel. His plasma gun whirred softly as he switched it to "ready". A second later he was rewarded with a Pitslave clumsily dashing into the corridor further along. He snapped off a shot and smiled as it solidly connected, with a bubbling screech the Pitslave tumbled to the ground, flesh parts steaming from the heat of the impact.

Too late he heard a step beside him, and a huge, multi-armed pitslave swung a wrecking ball... blackness...

Von Straumm heard the plasma discharge from further up, and he along with Mandrake and Ogun, rushed towards the sound. Rounding the corner, he spotted a pit slave behind a barricade - he hadn't seen him. Carefully aiming the meltabeam, he hit him solidly in the back with the inferno, a huge blast of steam erupted from the pitslave as oil and blood flash boiled, blasting him across the chamber into the darkness.

In the distance he saw Nerrid and Roc appear into the light at the other end of the long corridor. All else was quiet... if there were other Pitslaves, they'd run after two of their number were brutally taken out.

The undergound complex they'd found didn't contain anything of value, and again those damned Pitslaves were tailing them. He hoped the vehicles would not have been stolen or stripped to the chassis when they eventually emerged back into the light...
Von Straumm shook his head. Mandrake had take Manticore, Nazuchi and Sango the juve to do a quick shock-and-awe run though where they thought the gang of almost identical men were hanging out. A fools errand that he had wanted nothing to to with - and quite rightly so it seemed, as both the gang leader Mandrake and Manticore the heavy lay dead in some emperor-forsaken tunnel, Sango and Nozuchi unable to get a precise fix or collect any of their kit before having to flee back.

To make matters worse, the crazed Ovinnik had taken over leadership of the gang and would not heed Von Straumm's advice. Titan the juve had reported that the two enemy gangs that had been dogging them for days were now closing in... Von Straumm did not fancy their chances at the moment after such key losses, and was unwilling to allow Ovinnik to test his shaky leadership so soon after taking command.

With some trepidation, he had typed in an emergency code on his transponder, selected the coordinates on a tiny and shaky holographic projection, and called in a huge family favour. With a small sigh of relief he got the notification ping that the support request had been granted.

It didn't take long. The entire tunnel section rumbled, shook and then a deafening boom echoed through the complex as the dropship hammered through the compacted ash above. He made it absolutely clear to the gang that it would be... unwise... to venture back the way the noise had come from, as the sounds of ponderous heavy footsteps and rapid lasfire punctuated by thudding explosions and occasional screams began to be carried back to them from the breach.

It didn't take long. The indicator on his wrist com blinked yellow, then steady red as the combat servitor was overwhelmed somehow. But, although it had cost the family dear, the enemy gangs had stopped approaching. He punched in the coordinates of the fallen mechanical monstrosity for later salvage.


The Doxxers Midnight Wreckers manage to overwhelm 'Lil Reavie in close combat, but not before it had seen off Captain No. 9's gang and stomped the hired gun Biggle into a fine pink paste
Then came the race!


The figure of 8 track.


One of the Midnight Wrecker's bikes gets intimate with a wall again in the first turn...


First corner carnage ensues in true racing style, with bits of vehicles - and people - flying wildly around. The driver and gunner of the Hawk's Junktrack are thrown from the exploding truck... directly onto the back of the Captain's buggy! A brutal boarding action begins, eventually resulting in the surviving Hawk's driver taking control of the enemy vehicle - after spending several turns down.

It soon came down to the Wrecker's remaining bike and the completely unscathed Taurox pickup to complete the race, with the barely fucntional stolen buggy waylaying the Wrecker's truck enough for it to fall far behind.

Nerrid, long out of Heavy Stubber ammo, takes a final shot from the Taurox with his backup stub-gun, getting a solid hit on the damaged bike's rear wheel... but too little too late and the spluttering bike bike cruises over the line followed closely by the still untouched Taurox pickup...


Doxxers Midnight Wreckers claim the Albino Stallion Trophy - and take the weekend too, with by far the highest gang rating!


Both the gangers who had fought bravely to capture the Captains' buggy - Ovinnik the new Hawks leader and Roc the gunner - die of their injuries before the race docs can get to them. The hawks end the day with a rating of just 852 - leaving Von Straumm wondering how in the Emperor's name he's going to explain this to the Guild... and his family.
It looks like a great time was had by all (3) of you :)

Thanks for all the photos (when you mentioned the spider infested garage, I was expecting something a bit more... underhivey... in nature than the rather nice looking venue on show here.)

Oh, by the way, did @CaptainDangerous just cut @Ardavion 's hands off with that sabre? :eek: (or has he just got them in his pockets?)
Thanks for all the photos (when you mentioned the spider infested garage, I was expecting something a bit more... underhivey... in nature than the rather nice looking venue on show here.)

Oh, by the way, did @CaptainDangerous just cut @Ardavion 's hands off with that sabre? :eek: (or has he just got them in his pockets?)

I spent some time every evening last week tidying up a bit and evicting spiders when I found them. There was one particularly large one who wanted to stow away in @CaptainDangerous's game mat bag for a trip South, but we caught him in the act and sentenced him to The Long Walk. The pictures are largely taken in one direction, for in the other lies the WALL O'JUNK!

@Ardavion is going to have his hands replaced with rock drills in case he ever meets Lil Reavie again... It got its revenge on @Biggle_Bear who took it out last year. It does not forget.

Things I've learned from YakDay Scotland:
• You don't need a huge turn out to get some great games in. I honestly think I spent more time waiting around for games in the better attended TribeMeet 2017, due to the differing game lengths.
• The Melta Wyrd power feels OP. Passing a Ld test to Auto-hit someone with a 67% chance of having S4 or more (17% chance of S10(!)) is pretty lethal.
• However, if you rolled it, melting a couple of people then feeling bad about it and stopping taking him in your gang is a stupid thing to do! It all went south when I stopped taking him.
• The Ash Wastes vehicle rules are pretty clunky, I can see why there are streamlined ones. I would suggest looking into these if vehicles are involved again. How did the South fare with them?