GW is planning new Specailist Games minis?

Well being expensive in the past is no excuse to be expensive now.

Soldiers used to carry bronze swords to battle in the past.
That doesn't mean that you can arm your soldiers with swords today.

Also 10-15 pounds (20€) compared to today's 50€ is way more.
It's a bigger banknote you have to use to pay for your tank.

No mother gives their son/daughter a bill of 50€ as pocket money!
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GW view themselves as the aston martin/rolyce of the model world (rightly or wrongly). Those companies don't operate in the same way as Skoda and Honda. They wont give offers (okay this might have been a bad analogy as BOGOF isn't really the car industry, but approved second hands, finance deals, free extras etc). They are such a premium product that their exclusivity is a selling point. Sales and offers detract from that image. The end times kits were perfect examples of GW aiming to cement that image and client base.

I've lost interest in GW and following their releases since then (it was waning then), but I gather there more recent kits have reigned that back a bit, showing that they realize they aren't that exclusive (nor should they be, that's forgeworlds game IMO). The kick towards their specialist games etc I think is good on the whole, as its steps towards what we think they should be, but more importantly, what they think they might need to do to stay in business and compete with other companies. They will never say they are matched on quality (no company ever will), but this is a passive admission that they aren't soo far ahead of the competition that they can blindy go on making collectors kits and no rules.

From what I've seen on BnC (only other forum I really go on), 40k is absurd, and its scale is more akin to old school epic now, but it is balanced, it is fun and it does work as a game. Note when I say balanced, I mean as much as it has been ever, but these new shindigs like knights, formations and other crap having made it unplayable. The scale of it means its not for me anymore, but that doenst mean it doesn't function. Its just that GW are realizing they need gateway games, and that while we wont have a sale or anything big like that in a year... over the next 5-10 if this trend continues, then they will have some. They tested the waters with hteir digital stuff on black Friday I believe (being a luddite I don't understand e dexs etc so might be wrong).

So while business 101 says lower prices increase sales and make more profit... they aren't playing by the basics of business, they are using different formulae to make their money, and I think they are realizing they need to tweak it a little, but by and large they still make money, just less than previously (hence the tweaking, trying different stuff etc).

Hope all that makes sense :)
6! legs, torso, head, left arm, right arm, weapon!

That way the weapon can be swapped out/more options on the sprue, and theres none of this fiddling about with different legs that get confusing
6 parts works.

I suspect the houses would become more harmonised in appearance, so more like space marines in that sense - so one kit allows you to make multiple houses, similar to gorkamorka. To keep differentiation there will be options on the sprue, Mohawk heads, bald be-goggled heads, heinous beard sporting heads, different armour types, etc.

There’s potential for a cross between age of sigmar marauders, which are two part models - so most of the model is one piece and you add a different arm/head/shoulder combo to show what house they are in.

I predict an Orlock, and Goliath combination, and possibly a Daleque Van Saar combination set.

So variety, high quality, but they keep the production costs down.

It is likely afterall to be a mini entry level game, so not get the same level of support it did originally.

I would also predict more cross over with 40k armies, so rules for tau, eldar, orks etc, to hook you in to/expose newbies to the wider range.
I would guess orlock/Escher combined (rag tag look with different torso and head being the decider), delaque and cawdor being a mix (arms/legs set up to take either long coats or robes), then goliath being another option (potentiall combines with some form of chaos cultist group or scavies maybe), and van saar being a group (potentially combined with elder tie in the variant being the weird suit or suit with gems on , or an armoured form for enforcers...). Just my random thoughts
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I'd like to see 5 parts per model, because I'm a convert to the unified legs/torso. Separate components tend to result in weirdly rotund waists. The Catachans are admittedly ancient, but their torsos look like barrels with six packs.

A ball joint at the waist (like Orks or Eldar) allows it to look a lot more sensible, but a single integrated body and legs allows for detail running between those components. Speaking of which, the Cadian kit really don't offer much flexibility at the waist because their belt buckles are on the torso component. If you rotate the waist, it looks like they've put their belt on sideways.
Remember that once you've bought a gang/box set (15 - 20 miniatures) ... that's basically it for Necromunda. True you'll probably buy a second gang but nowhere near the sales needed to justify the releases on their own. Going by their track record I'm willing to bet GW will make everything more 40K to get the punters to move onto this more resource heavy game.

Also bear in mind that the 4 most popular "Gangs" in 40K are Eldar, Tau, Tyranids and Marines so expect to see Gangs that reflect those armies done first for their crossover / lead in potential to 40K, or to make use of existing moulds / technologies. My money is on Spyers / Van Saar, Orlock, Goliath and Scavies. I can see Escher and Delaque being either dropped or done last and what I'd call fringe gangs like Redemptionist, Ratskins etc being sidelined totally.

These are just my thoughts with my business head on and I hope I'm wrong as I love Escher and Delaque.

Figure wise I'd expect to see something along the lines of the AoBR figures.

Rules wise I just pray they leave it alone and don't ruin my favourite game just for the sake of making the game "new".

We'll all just have to wait and see what ... if anything happens.
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Over the last few years GW seem to have moved to more posed figures for box sets, the last HH one excepted (they made it to fit in with existing FW/Citadel marine ranges), so if Necromunda got a boxed release is expect any models included to be similar in construction to the Chaos Cultists in DV or AoS' Bloodwhatevers.

If you imagine that they may pitch it like before then you may get 12 Orlocks and 12 Goliaths in the game and each one would be unique. Weapons wise I wouldn't be surprised if they're still moulded on!

I kinda suspect that any follow up gangs would be resin anyway so... probably characterful but expensive.

I honestly don't really know what to expect as Necromunda isn't a board game but a skirmish Wargame - so in some ways I kinda think they may release a game with Necromunda in the title but it's not the game we're expecting - it'll be a board game that can be expanded on with niche miniature expansions.
Rules wise assuming 3rd Ed Necromunda doesn't turn out as a board game I'd expect it to share the same basic relationship to the current edition of 40k as ORB does to 2nd-ed 40k - staying with the 2nd-ed rule base really wouldn't make sense from GW's perspective.

For the part count mixed feelings there. I hope like hell they're not AoBR-style monoposes - that's approximately the least useful way to make plastics and misses out on most of the advantages of working in plastic to boot. Hopefully they'll stick with the principles established by the HH box. As to the integrated torsos or not question, there's things to be said for both and we may very well see (for say Delaque) mutli-part torso/leg sets that are not interchangeable with each other, much like the Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard - it works excellently where there's the likes of greatcoats involved.

Whichever way, I already know I'll be buying these miniatures, and have known since I saw GW's confirmation of the rumour.
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Probably. Something like a cross between Heroquest and Space Hulk. And that's if they even DO Necromunda. My money is still on BloodBowl being first.

Oh yeah, I suspect BloodBowl will be first as it fits into their current philosophy (plus I read that they had a version ready to go a few years back, so they may well tweak that) and they can add extra teams easily via FW.

With Necromunda - I still suspect they may just make a board game as the initial release, to gauge reception and may even plonk the last version of the LRB online again via whatever web store they use as a bonus "you can also use your models to play like this too!" kinda thing. Which also ties in with how they're treating AoS.

Who knows when we'll see any of this stuff though? 2017??
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Maybe Necromunda releases would accompany IG releases?

First though, if you look at a box set of Ork Boyz, they pretty much have it all going on. 10 guys, 10 ballistic weapon options, 10 close combat weapon options, 2 heavy weapon options, and extras to make a defined leader character. The side note of this: @Flamekebab you should make Orc legs through Fox Box, because those plus your torsos could allow a person to double the model count of an Ork Boyz kit.

So, if GW released kits that could make a standard IG squad, and also have all the extra bits in there (just like an Ork Boyz set) to make them a Necromunda gang, we could see things like:
  • Return of Valhallens/ Death Korp of Krieg plastics/ Delaque
  • New print of Catachans/ Goliath
  • Grittier Cadians/ Orlocks
  • Cult Mechanicus cannon fodder/ Cawdor
  • Imperial Cult-slash-Inquistion/ Redemption
  • Lady guardsmen... of any look really would sell big for them/ Escher
It would allow for the further sale of a new IG book that lets you send in waves of H2H oriented Guardsmen a la Chaos Cultists. I think this would be very smart marketing on their behalf... so not too sure if it will happen :p. But yeah it would really be the best way for them to get two birds stoned.

I don't have ideas on a lot of the other gangs in doing it this way but it could be a good marketing move to make IG players pay more/get more for their basic squad boxes, streamline the two miniatures lines into one (Empire Militia troops), and stay in their production style of offering a crazy amount of extra bits in their kits. Because they do have that over all their competition, the customization abilities of their sets.

Now if Gorkamorka gets redone, I feel like that will just be a one-click bundle with some updated rules. All the stuff is there already.
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@Blood Donor Two of these four are 100% Fox Box parts :rolleyes:
I'm waiting hopefully ... but not expectingly. That way I'll be excited if it happens, but won't be disappointed if it doesn't.
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I'll get my coat....!

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